Wednesday , February 24 2021

Stoch vice versa for representation: Må Hapalajärvi was a good feeling

Looks like you can not fully imagine it. When she thinks she thinks she does not smile. And I say: I am challenged. Slovan Miroslav Stoch leaves for Eeden for a day with a Slovakian footballer. How is it?

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Jet's eight and nine all-round ruthlessness Slavia won Zlín (3: 1) returning to the first table to rest before it represented a break.

The delegation invites you to speak with the letters. Fish tpal: What is a brush?

And on the fifth day he will come again to Eden, the bag for the kitchen for the first time. against esk in the Slovak league League nrod.

I dream about that feeling and I'm going to visit the stadium, I go to another … peml.

Stoch has spoken a lot in recent weeks.

Esk and its shape. Is Slavia or the league the best game? In Slovakia, attention is paid to the natural darkness of the return.

Stoch o Glu from pmho Kopu: I will beat it

During the first half against a non-duel shotgun Zlnu he stood on pmmu to kick and placed at gl 2: 1. For a while. I would not kick it at all. Not to mention Michael Frydrych, who placed the game on the wall, I would probably have hit somebody. Pat was fifty percent Glu, Stoch said. Tsn when the bastard passes a penalty kick and nine Gly is the best league cannon.

I have not been there for two years. It ran fast, but it has been a long time since he answered the newspaper questions after the league match.

Controversies between coach Jem Kozkan were interrupted by 29-year-old Stocha, but the new Pavel Hapal wants him in the dark.

He called me as soon as he became a trainer, Stoch said. We met next, sat for a couple of hours, talked and went some time. It made him feel good.

According to a new coach, Slovaks against Ukraine against Ukraine, the nation's midfielder Esk is among the clubs.

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