The hall burns Lety close to Praga, explosions come from the place. EUR 5 million in premature damage, which was also helped by the firefighters in Prague


Flights to Prague The hall near Limen Square burns about 40 times 50 meters. Firefighters have reported a third-degree alert for the three possible explosions, Bohemian firefighter Jaroslav Gabriel's spokesman said on Saturday. The hall serves as a metal waste store, valuable damage to the stored material is only SEK 5 million, but the final damage is greater. There was no one in the hall during the fire, nobody hurt.

Thousands of firefighters are fighting with flames. The developed fire lights out on the roof outside. "The site is very complicated for heavy machinery, so the commander must make great efforts to arrange refueling, which controls the water fire fight," Gabriel said.

This is also affected by local firefighters from Prague, especially Modřany and Petřina. According to Požá, the Kamenice Chemistry Laboratory is also organized.

Thick smoke rises from a place that, according to Gabriel, is poisonous. "There are no measures to protect the population because smoke spreads to the uninhabited region on the other hand than flights, so it's not complicated," Gabriel said.

The Army detects four alarm levels, the most serious being the fourth, reported only in emergency situations.


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