Monday , March 8 2021

The team knocks, Krejcik admitted

After Krejčík's hesitation, his rider was tripped by Joonas Nättinen and Sakari Manninen's intervention. "Goal 0: 2 was my wound, I had to shoot it, not play it," he told reporters. But if one of the teammates cried out to him and warned him of the offensive eyeball, it might have been different. "It was my fault, I would not blame anyone else," Krejcik refused to blame others.

Half the twin, he hesitated again when he lost mid-roll. "There was a lot of ice hockey, but unfortunately I did not help the group at all but knocked on my knees with two mistakes, we knew they attacked us quickly and it is difficult to evaluate," the man said.

Despite his experience, Lukko Rauma, a 26-year-old Finnish club, has hardly controlled uncontrolled crisis situations in his mind. "You have it on your head, it is clear, I tried to play somehow, but unfortunately the coach did not decide to give me what I respect," Krejcik recalled.

However, no one else found a response to the excellent movement of Finns and their disciplined game. "It's a shame we did not react to it and they could not reach the goal that would certainly kick us." "My mistakes have hit us a lot", he was sorry for the experienced guy.

"We did not lose the record speed first, to play the first two players who attacked us very much, and we were in a hurry and we have to fight tomorrow against the Russians and we have to do completely differently," he said.

After defeat 2: 3, Swedes represented Miloš Říha's coach in a positive spirit, his evaluation after the Finy duel was remarkably modest in the cabin and later in the media in bright moments. "Contrary to the positive evaluation since the last match, it was quite different, but I no longer say," he said.

The Russians are already the winners of the tournament, and they have been good at Karl. However, the Czechs want to win the defeat and reset the spot from the box. "It's always tense, it's not easy, we have to prepare, concentrate and do better," Krejcik said.

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