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Uloz. Lost the trial and must block the download of six movies. According to him, he won – Živě.cz

The almost two-year-old dispute between and Diliín, an association of writers representing theater, literary and filmmakers and rights holders, culminated yesterday in the Prague Supreme Court, ČTK writes. This Court of Appeal made the final decision about Uloz having to block the downloading of six Czech films: Hip from the Bag, Watched Trains, The Village Has a Center, Devils Have No Jokes, Pelíšky and Cobras, and Snakes.

As Ulož.to states on its website, the company knows the winner there as well, as Dilia has constantly reduced its requirements. Nevertheless, even against this decision intends to cancel According to the Supreme Court, because it is said to be illegal, it restricts the freedom of the Internet and is in conflict with EU law prohibiting content filtering.

Initially, Dilia required to automatically remove all reported books after reporting and block future downloads. Later, the application was limited to the six films mentioned. But there was another narrowing in the verdict.

Save it may not make such films available files .avi, .mkv, .mk3d, .mks, mp4, .m4a, .m4p, .m4b, .m4r, .m4v, .mpg, .ogv, .oga, .ogx, .ogg, .spx, or .wmv . Therefore, these files may not appear in search engine results when you type the movie title with or without highlighting. However, due to the explicit list of formats, does not have to worry about RAR or ZIP archives, for example.

Uloz. Esti to Dilin

The dispute between the two parties is also spicy in the sense that Uloz. Actively prevents Diliia from searching and reporting on represented works. Representatives did not deny it, they said they defended themselves.

It is said that Dilii has been stopped with an anti-hacking tool that protects against DDoS attacks. The number of Dilia’s requests was apparently so large that they could jeopardize the operation of the server.

And Dilia was alleged to have abused the tool to report and block copyrighted works and wanted to delete users ’private files. More than twenty other copyright owners who have access to the tool are said to behave more responsibly and no one is blocking them.

Who is Charlatan here?

In addition to the dispute with Diliia, also leads disputes with the film’s distributor, CinemArt. At the end of last year, he managed to get a preliminary measure at trial that will prevent people from downloading the Charlatan movie from the server until August 20, 2030. also appealed the decision and believes it will win in the next situation. It again refers to the current case law according to which service providers do not have to monitor user content and actively search for illegal content.

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