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What if Baroos is basically? I'm not saying the Ostrava coach is tired of it

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"If he is at the base, I will not say," Ostrovan coach Bohumil Páník smiled. But he added, "We have to shoot targets and Milan is the one who can do it. He always shot them, so why not forget Opava?"

Opava vs. Ostrava

Online report on Sunday at 14.00

Milan Baroš, of course, looks back to the field. "He is sad when he stood five games, just watched and could not help," said Páník. "Milan always loved football, he can marry him, and I believe he will show us again."

How did Milan Baroš spend 41 days without a match? "He had time to get rid of all the balls but he trained us a lot," the coach described. "It was not like a week alone, if we did not see him two days a week it was too much, he did not go to Prague, he lived here at Gelds, so I hope fresh air has passed him and he looks like it."

Bohumil Páník argues that the Baroque team has a bigger lead in the game. "Milan will not lose and make any profit for his team," Paník said. "Maybe we lacked a bit of agility, aggression and athletic healing, last but not least, we were at the targets."

Baník won 3: 0 and 1: 0 in the last season. But coach Bohumil Páník does not accept that it would be a psychological advantage for Ostrava football players.

Opava coach Kopecký: I am glad that Baros can play already

"The opava in the past matches has also gained confidence, he returned from Brno to his stadium, which compares everything," said Bohumil Páník. "It's a derby with everything, the odds are fifty-fifty, both teams showing that they have moved on, are more mature, and able to play football," he says. "It's a soccer ball in Silesia."

In his previous match at Opava, Ostrava coach Vlastimil Petrzel was surprised at the home team when he set up three stops on his five-member defense. Coach Punk does not like it. "Maybe if we build Nicholas," he laughed.

Assistant King

Stanciu, Budinsky. Who is next?

"Football is not a surprise, everyone has to have a logic and some progress, so players have to see and agree, and if the coach does a fight he damages himself and the teams because the players do not understand what's going on. is harmful. "

The coach said that there was a huge competition between the two clubs, but there are always three points. "But since we're closest to Opava and Karvina, the tension is a bit bigger, and I think it's a small silesian championship."

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