Saturday , February 27 2021

10 About Me About حمدي أحمد في ذكرى ميلاده

The 85th anniversary of the birth of the last artist Hamdi Ahmed will be held on Friday.

In the following lines,Dawn of Art"10 About him.

1 – Hamdi Ahmed was born in ninth November 1933.

2. In 1949, at the age of 16, he was captured by Egyptian occupation forces in Egypt in his struggle and participation in demonstrations against occupation.

3 – He studied at the Faculty of Economics and then departed and graduated from the universities of Dramatic Arts 1961.

4. In 1961, he joined the Theater Television Company.

5 – starred over 35 plays, 25 movies, 30 television films, 89 TV shows and over 3,000 hours of radio.

6 – Comedy Theater Director 1985.

7. He also acted as a political author in the newspapers "People, People, Liberals, Fields and Thursdays".

He won many awards in his artistic career, including the best new prize in 1966, the Arabia League's first prize in 1967 for his role in "Cairo 30" and the award for "Sons of Silence".

March 9, political activity and elected to the National Assembly in 1979.

10 – died on 8 January 2016, the effects of the health crisis at the age of 82.

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