Monday , April 12 2021

10 years imprisonment for the former Governor of Menoufia and fined 15 million pounds

The Giza Criminal Court convicted Menoufia's former governor Hisham Abdelbaset for 10 years in prison and imposed fines of £ 15 million. The second and third defendants were released from the punishment and confiscated the funds seized. The meeting was chaired by Bilal Mohammed Abdel-Baqi and Ahmed Sadiq Qarni, Ibrahim Lamloum, Ja Mohammed Hashim, Advisers.

Monofian, former Hisham Abdel Basset, governor spoke in court where he said he was sorry for his arrest and accusing him of bribery, and that his whole history of work did not seem to be any fault, he was not negligent about his work. bribery.

At the start of the trial, Abdel Basset asked the court to allow his original lawyer to sue him instead of a lawyer appointed by the judge last session. The President of the Court accepted his request and gave the Defense the power to invoke the defendant Hisham Abdel Basseti. The lawyer affirmed that the second and third respondents confessed to the insurance of her client because they recognized the bribery facts in exchange for benefiting from the provisions of the law which release them from punishment if they acknowledge the bribery facts and that the recognition of origin that bribes and donates the broker to declare corruption prior to the occurrence and detailed knowledge of regulatory bodies, in addition to the disagreement of witnesses in this case, in particular with regard to the costs of the project

The defendant has been charged with the offense. Governor's official, he paid cash donation Contracting Party to the owner a total of 27 million and 450 thousand pounds in return for the conclusion of the projects carried out by several maaherroksen.

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