Monday , April 12 2021

Al Watan: "solidarity" 5 to include the supplementary pension to the retired: "common and case law"

A spokesman for the Ministry of Social Solidarity Mohammed al-Oqbi revealed that 5 pensioners were paid to the pensioners, stressing that they are common and that the matter is now before the judicial authorities.

Al-Oqbi said in a media interview that Jibril's program "in this capital" was sent via "cbc", whose editor quoted the ministry as refusing to include bonuses on the contrary, pointing out that the case is now in court and that the government is obliged to enforce the final court judgment No matter what.

Al-Oqbi denied what was said about the means of social communication that the existence of a person in an insurance institution would provide citizens with forms for the inclusion of five bonus elements in the pensioners, emphasizing that this is not true or not.

A release in the Social Media publication published the right of retired people to include 5 compensation and that the attached forms are in the insurance offices, causing confusion among Egyptian pensioners.

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