Monday , April 12 2021

Ambassador of Afghanistan to Cairo: Al-Azhar's idea is the first wall of resistance to counteract extremism and terrorism in the world

The Great Imam's virtue has come. D. Ahmed al-Tayeb, Al-Azhar Sharifin Sheikh, Mohammed Moqah, Afghan Ambassador to Cairo.

He stressed the need to pay attention to training that develops young people's awareness of extremism in Afghanistan's key challenges and emphasizes that Al-Azhar is willing to give more support to Afghanistan with the help of students to study in Al-Azhar and get their imams in the program to train them to address the most important problems they encounter , especially in front of hard rhetoric.

The Ambassador of Afghanistan, on the other hand, has expressed the country's aspiration to strengthen the role of the Al-Azhar in Afghanistan so that it can achieve stability and combat the extreme ideology by adding that Al-Azhar's idea and moderate approach are the first wall of resistance to extremism and terrorism in the world.

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