Sunday , June 13 2021

Among them, "Abu Capsule" .. Program presentations at the art house theater day

Theater Theatre Theater has witnessed the exhibition space for today's artistic activities, and here we will present you the most important plays that will be shown on Wednesday.

The King Barmes Theater has been playing "Metro" at 19 o'clock.

The performance lies around those ideas that capture human abundance and congestion by separating it from external reality through the Yahya House, which is anticipated by accident at an unknown subway station and completely disconnected from the outside world.

Ahmed Khaled, Sherihan Qutb, Khaled Sharshabi, Ahmed Ammar, Salma Essam, Mustafa Reda, "Metwar" wrote Mohammed Fadl, Lighting Abu Bakr Al Sharif, Clothes Shahanda Ahmed, Presentation Bracelet and Output Adel Raafat.

At Alexandria, Tun Theater, play "Abu Capsule" was screened at 20:00.

Mohamed El Sawaf, directed by Mohamed Morsy, is directed by Mustapha Abou Saree, Hassan Abdel Fattah, Alaa Zainham, Nourine Karim, Islam Abd El Shafie, Alaa Awad and Alexandrian Theater Heroes.

At the stage of the Afshush Cultural Palace, the work "Crossing and Triumph" was performed at 19.30.

The show is organized as a struggle between the June, 1967 and October 1973 war, which aims to develop a patriotic spirit of children, young people and adults who have not experienced this period. The presentation deals with the preparation, training and planning of the October 1973 war and how the Egyptian army managed to overthrow the Great Victory.

Mohammad Abdul Gaader, Eman Salem, Abdel Salam El Dahshan, Mohamed Diab, Adel El Koumi, Shaima Nassar, Mounir Makram, Nawal Samir, Mohamed Abdin, Mansour Abdelkader, Ayman Bashay, Said El Mokhtar, Performer Helmy Fouda, Ibrahim El Refaey poem, composed and distributed by Walid Khalaf Design evaluated by Ashraf Fouad, decoration and clothing by Mohi Fahmy as well as written by and directed by Mohamed Khouly.

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