Tuesday , August 3 2021

"Building materials" signed the members of the Protocol for marketing their products electronically

"Building materials" sign a report on the marketing of members' products The Egyptian Charter today publishes "building materials" signing a protocol for the marketing of members of electronic products «building materials» signing on the marketing of the protocol products electronically we will publish you a new news today through the charter and start news In particular, "building materials"

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The Chamber of Commerce of the Chamber of Commerce, chaired by Ahmed Abdul Hamid, signed a joint memorandum of cooperation with Matrix Peders Information Technology Company for the marketing of ICC members' products.

Ahmed Al-Hamid, chairman of the Business Chamber of Construction Materials, stated that the partnership between Chamber and Material Peders aims to market members' products electronically free of charge and find that the company's electronic application is an international forum combining manufacturers, representatives, international buyers, real estate developers, contractors and individuals, promoting the national industry in different international markets.

He added that the "Protocol is part of the Department for serving its members and contributes to the growth and development of its member companies and to access international markets and to inform international buyers of Egypt's product quality and ability to compete globally by contributing to the growth and access of domestic industries."

The chairman of the Chamber emphasized that Egypt has large production capacities and large industrial capabilities that are able to meet the needs of local and export markets. However, marketing is the biggest problem facing national industry and the availability of international markets, and pointed out that the building materials production capacity meets the 3 needs of Arab reconstruction, Libya, Syria and Iraq in addition to the needs and requirements of the local market and the revitalization of the cities in Egypt.

He added that "there is a wealth of raw materials for the production of all building materials in the Egyptian market and huge production capacity, in addition to building materials and human factors, significant industrial interests will make Egypt become a regional center for the export of building materials in different countries." It is clear from the camera that there are surpluses in different building materials, is an Egyptian ceramic industry with over 160 million meters of surplus total factory capacity of 400 million meters, 25 million meters 85 meters with marble meter and 30 million tonnes of super cement 85 million tonnes of cement and Tu Production Capacity escaped to various construction needs for export and local markets. »

Matrix's Information Technology Director, Mohammed Abdul Kader, said that a partnership with the Chamber promotes the promotion of the global building materials industry through the use of e-marketing services, a global forum that brings together international buyers, manufacturers and suppliers of various building materials as well as real estate companies, realtors, developers and individuals.

He added that the electronic application operates at international level, enabling Egyptian products to access several international buyers at normal times. The Minutes include a free subscription that allows members of the Chamber to display and market their products on the Company's website, Monthly, and cooperate with the Chamber to prepare and deliver international supplier and buyer information and provide information and information about production, prices and quality, international offers and discounts , which contributes to increasing the number of member companies' work on the growth of building materials and the arrival of Egyptian products in various international markets.

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