Continuing the positive performance of the stock index target of 14,000 points


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Saeed Al-Feki: The positive result of the stock exchange continued to be 14,000 points on Masras's website today, Saturday, 10 November 2018.

Saeed Al-Feki: The positive result of the equity stock 14,000 points

Mohamed Sobeih Released in the country's eve of the 10th-11th. – 2018

Stock Market Expert Said Al-Feki said the stock market continued its positive performance last week when the indexes were closed at the end of the week's collective rally.
Al Feki added that the main index was closed at 13732 points when it broke 13500 points a week and confirmed the break at the end of the week.
Al-Feki: The performance during the week was the strong acquisition of Egypt and foreign institutions after the violent victory rally, which approached the index by 13,000 points, as the portfolios of the institutions were released from stocks when they were sold continuously over the past 6 months.
The volume of trading grew to reach the biggest billion pounds in most weekly sessions, as well as the length of the consolidation period that the market experienced close to its strong level was close to 13,000 points, which was a good opportunity and quick buying due to the price levels achieved by the shares, which is not a real value. at support levels close to 13,000 points, with trade volumes of less than half a billion pounds.
The Stock Exchange Expert commented that all the indicators predicted near the end of the corrective move, which lasted six months and lost the main index by nearly 5400 points. It was natural to be amazing last week.
The capital market expert expects the index to reach resistance points close to 13800 points and 13,800 points next week. Al-Feki does not expect these levels to be the maximum limits, even if there are low unattractive profits and then the move would exceed 14,000 points. The stock prices are still attractive to buy.
The index of small and medium-sized equities Al-Feki reported that his performance did not differ significantly from the main index where he achieved 703 points of resistance and exceeded this level so that they could move to 715 points next week.

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