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Images | American Foreign Media Association honors in Washington "Wahid and Marwan Hamed"

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From home page, Sunday 11.11.2018.

AAM, a great writer and producer, Wahid Hamed and his son, director Marwan Hamed, respected the sixth annual dinner in Washington to honor people whose work shows a lot of commitment to global values ​​and who appreciate the power of the media to pass on information, inspiration and positive impacts on society. Al Hamed, honored Saudi leader Haifa Al Mansour.

"I can not describe my happiness at this award with the American foreign information organization and all of them," said Wahid Hamed. "This honor also deserves many of our partners' names on a long and hard journey.

"This is a very special tribute to me because it is a sign that here in the Arab world we have an impact and external resonance that has come to America and they also appreciate it," said Marwan, who praised the American Media Association. Especially when it is the same as the author's parents and great producer Waheed Hamid, who is honored to receive his prize. "

AAM honors the Hamed family because their career prospects give Americans a brief example of the history of the Egyptian entertainment industry, the role of the industry as a catalyst for Community dialogue, a durable Arab world and the ability to tackle taboos and emphasize the voices that are looking for a positive change.

"We offer this honor tonight as a tribute to the extraordinary contributions and efforts of the ambassadors and their great impact on societies in their Arab world," said founder and President Aaron Lovell of American Foreign Ministry. "The narrative and the document presented by us awaken the mind and give a better example to others and give them the understanding The greatest leads everyone towards a tolerant, balanced and peaceful world."

In the evening were Aaron Paul, General Michael Hayden, former President Frank Mankozo of Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studio, Paramount Pictures, Victoria Nuland, Former Deputy Secretary and Charles Rifkin, Former Secretary General, Diplomatic and Creative Community, American Actress and AAM Representatives of the Arab World. producer Yebel MacDonald, producer and producer Jessica Mecklenberg, and Egyptian star Nelly Karim.

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Source: Al Watan

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