Monday , March 8 2021

In the autumn, more than 50,000 kg of citizens allegedly being offered jobs abroad were charged

Officials of public security managed to arrest a woman who was installed on several citizens and seized them 50,000 pounds when they were afraid of their ability to expel them and offer them work abroad.

Public administration of public money received certain citizens who said they had been subjected to seizures and confiscated 50,000 pounds, claiming that they had job opportunities in one of the Arab countries.

In search and research results, the results were the cause of the incident and respondent Sabriya S. 60, who is responsible for the Egyptian labor office abroad, has inspired some citizens to move them, offer them job opportunities in some Arab countries and take each of them £ 10,000 to serve as a service provider to supplement their visa applications.

Following the legalization of the proceedings, the aforementioned company was confiscated at the company's headquarters and when it decided to approve the case, as mentioned above, the necessary legal measures were taken.

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