News from the accident Information on the last hour of life victim of archaeological excavations Sheikh Zayed


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On the seventh day Monday, 12 November 2018.

Sheikh Zayed's death, accused of being killed by his friend, is accused of being used by the owner of the car show and his dead friends to dig up ruins under his room. The snakes dropped a great deal of sand and killed him.

Suspect reported that when he confirmed his friend's death, he rushed to Sheikh Zayed's police station to report the incident and confirmed that the owner of the apartment was responsible for theft of anti-accusations and, according to the investigation, the prosecutor ordered the suspect to arrest four days.

At the same time, the bodies responsible for their efforts to abolish the body were coordinated with the city on October 6 to use a site-specific company to recover the body from the bottom of the body.

Police chief Sheikh Zayed's army Amr Hafez received a statement that one person died inside the house..

The interviewers visited the venue and conducted surveys. Head of Sheikh Zayed Police Investigation Unit, Samah Badawi, revealed that the worker's excavation of the ruins of the building long fell and led to his death.

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