Thursday , May 6 2021

Prosecution of the prosecution as a prosecution of a taxi driver for murder to rule

The Cairo Criminal Court, held in Abbasiya, was arrested following the hearing of the prosecutor Mohamed Yahya Rafat on the murder of a taxi operator in the January 5 session.

The decision was made under the guidance of the Adviser Syed Abdul Aziz Al-Tuni and the Secretariat of Mamdouh Gharibin Saqr and Ayman Abdul Razek.

Investigations revealed that in 2013 Kiisto broke the counselor Yahya Taha Raafati, accused prosecutor's father and driver Ahmed Abdulaziz Issa, when a cab struck with his car.

The investigation revealed that the taxi driver and his brother beat the prosecutor's father and his son (the prosecutor) took part in his most famous weapons and fired the bullet of the victim's abdomen who took his life.

Investigations showed that the accused fired a second bullet with the victim's brother, causing permanent injury.

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