Wednesday , June 16 2021

Sabreen surprised his audience with a shocking statement about the hijab (video)

Said, Sabreen, that wearing a curtain was a personal decision and without being subjected to any pressure.

Sabreen shocking statement during the dialogue with the media Wael El-Ibrashyn told "Everyday" program, which was sent by satellite e: "I have a very personal need .. and I do not want to do it .. I myself even Delocte tell me you're covered with .. I have not Mahjaba and Mahatmma Ya .. I like it .. I Esteb Lbs De cracked and love Sabreen remain in this form.

Sabrin added that he sang the wedding before deciding to end and devote his life to just acting. "I was one of proudest joys and celebrations, where I am rich in Egypt or in the Arab countries."

On the other hand, Sabreen said that the Brotherhood threatened him with the role of Zainab al-Ghazal in "Al-Jama's". "I am proud of the remains and the Brotherhood and against, and threatened me, I was not involved in art."

He added that he participated in the revolution to preserve Egypt without paying attention to anything else: "I dropped to my hands and my face was nothing more than my country".

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