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"Slip" the language .. And unintentional mistake I eat … Masrawy

I have found the erotic eye: "Slip" tongue .. and inadvertent error, which I apologize

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Ali Al-Bahjee wrote:

Tunisian journalist Hisham Al-Khalisi apologized for the controversial tweet he posted through his personal account through social networking on Twitter on Al-Ahly and Al-Terraj's match at the end of the African Champions League, which ended in three goals in Al-Ahly.

Al-Khalisi wrote on Twitter: "What happened to Esperance is a strong state with its men. The Rades stadium is this time … wait for us."

"I admit it was a language and forgave this unintentional mistake to the Egyptian audience," Al-Khalasi said in a television call sent on Al-Masha channel.

He added that he was going to contend with the Egyptian crowd of excitement, enthusiasm and beautiful ball at Rades, Tunisia Stadium.

He explained that the reactions of Egyptian citizens witnessed by removing the eyes that he had told him, indicating that he did not have the wrong faith in writing.

"It's Tunisia in another country, and there's no trouble in football."

He called on the Egyptian audience to misunderstand his words because he has respect and respect for the Egyptian audience.

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