The prosecutor refers to the former "Food Industries Holding" chief of bribery


Attorney Nabil Ahmed Sadiq ordered the former president of the food industry and other parties to move to the criminal court, accusing him of seeking and accusing gifts of money and interest in himself and others.

The Supreme State Security Prosecutor's Office initiated investigations leading to inquiries from the Administrative Supervisory Body and bribes paid by the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Food Industry Company to the Deputy CEO of the Green Land Group and to the Al-Farah Trading and Distribution Company owner. In addition to bribing from Dallah Misri's owner, through the Ministry of Communications and the Adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Interior, in exchange for facilitating the procedures for granting food production. These companies and the approval of financial charges are due to the exchange of supply.

Prosecutors of the State Prosecutor's Prosecution, the consent of the owner of Dallah Misri and the approval of the Ministry of Political Communications and the Ministry of Internal Trading, the Ministry of Media Adviser, the owners of Arzak Trading and General Supplies Company, and the owner of the "Green Land Group" and the seizure of authorized phone confirmations and certificates, documents and financial amounts, at the request of the owner of the Dallah Egyptian company owned by the Dingh Egyptian company "Dallah Egypt", seized the documents and financial amounts and raised an amount of EUR 224 thousand The weighing syringe The offer was assigned to the company's board of directors, the financial dues resulting from the supply.

The study also included a request of owners owning 7 million and 500 thousand kronor "Arzak's trades and general supplies", including 375 thousand pounds in return for the delivery of the company's products to the company's chairmanship and the rapid payment of financial resources for delivery, from the company's owner "Joy for Trade and Distribution "amounting to 270 thousand pounds and benefits in kind worth 61 thousand pounds as a gift in return for transferring the company's products to the Holding Company for fast payment of the financial claims arising from the food industry and delivery.

He also asked that gold and diamond necklace were £ 24,000. The latter also requested the appointment of the Green Land Group as a grade of 20,000 kg for bribery. In return, his consent to paying the company's financial contributions with his chairmanship.

The investigation found that he received an illegal gain of 982 thousand pounds as a result of bribery offenses.


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