Wednesday , April 14 2021

In Ethiopia, the police are looking for a large tomb of 200 people

The police in Ethiopia say they have found a large tomb with 200 bodies across the border between Somalia and the Oromi region.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been subjected to violence last year.

Local media reported that the search was found during the investigation of alleged clerics by the former President of Ethiopia's Somalia.

Abdi Mohammed is awaiting trial of the accusations he has fostered for ethnic controversy.

The notorious regional security force, known for the Liijun police, is accused of making murders between Somalia and Oromia, and was reported directly to the regional chief.

The police are trying to find 200 found bodies.

Mohammed had to resign in August and arrested a week after the violence began to reach the regional capital, Jijiga.

He has allegedly been subject to extensive abuses of rights such as torture, rape and killing during his 13-year rule.

Last month, state-sponsored broadcaster Fana announced that she had tried to escape police custody by climbing a window in front of the court

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