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Israel Folau asks $ 2.1 million for a legal struggle for Rugby Australia


Folau, a religious Christian, whose country is limited to 73 times, was found guilty of violating the code of conduct and dismissed his contract last month by Instagram, which said "hell is waiting" for gays.

On Thursday, he released a GoFundMe page and a YouTube video asking citizens to donate money as a donation to his legal battle in Rugby Australia.

"The battle with Rugby Australia to defend my right to practice my religion has so far cost my wife Maria and me over $ 100,000 in legal fees," Folau says in the video.

"Rugby Australia has an army of lawyers at their disposal, and they have already said they are transferring significant resources to combat me in court.

"The cost to me and my family against Rugby Australia is expected to be significant."

Australian Folau scores from England last year.

In April's unposted Instagram post, Folau featured "drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, abusers, thieves, atheists, and idolaters" under "Hell waiting for you".

The 30-year-old contract lasted until 2022, and was expected to play a leading role with Wallabies in the upcoming Rugby World Cup.
Folau was also stripped of the sponsorship of the car manufacturer Land Rover and the sports brand Asics. According to him, damages of $ 10 million ($ 7 million) are being sought for the legal battle.
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Folau used to play rugby and Australian rules before moving to the rugby league.

"When the Australians are born, we have the right to freedom of religion and freedom of speech," Folau added.

"Christian faith has always been part of my life, and I believe it is my duty to share the word of God with a Christian. Rugby Australia tore my job just right, and that's wrong.

"Every Australian should be able to practice his religion without fear of discrimination in the workplace."

Folau's brother John, who is a full-fledged teammate of NSW Waratahs, recently received an immediate release from his club agreement, coach Daryl Gibson said 24-year-old had "shared loyalty to his family and brother, but then to the team."

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