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Marvel Comics Legend dies at 95 – Variety

Stan Lee, who directed a comic book renaissance by creating iconic superheroes Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and X-Men characters who created his career with the film often impressive results, died on Monday, his daughter's lawyer has been confirmed Variety. He was 95.

Lee was taken to Los Angeles for Cedars Sinai Medical Center on Monday after he had suffered from a medical emergency and was declared dead shortly thereafter.

By working mainly with artist Jack Kirby, Lee wrote to Marvel Comics as a power plant with socially relevant stories that talked to young readers in a way that had never been the case before. These works, which were largely due to the intense productive stretch of the Fantastic Four event, a confusing and sometimes silent superhero team, were part of what was called the Silver Age comic book.

Lee's works include Spider-Man (artist Steve Ditko), Hulk, X-Men, Iron Man, Thor, Daredevil, Captain America and Avengers – which have become important features.

Lee himself left Marvel – one more control after the change – in 1972, but he retained the name of the chairman emeritus throughout his life. Although he is no longer directly involved with the company, Lee received credit – and he appeared in results that always sparked ridiculous laughter from enthusiasts – in Marvel's live action. He photographed cameras in films such as "Deadpool 2" and "Galaxy 2 patrons" long before their release, if he was tired. He also appeared at other locations, such as CBS's Geek-inspired comedy "The Big Bang Theory".

A gifted salesman, Lee also became an ambassador of the cartoon industry, who reaches college campuses through personal performances and interviews. Thanks to her oversized personality, Lee remained modestly and creatively actively in her 90s by creating new concepts for animation and television.

Born Stanley Lieber (and chose his profession by sharing his first name), Lee raised the Jewish immigrant fathers in his parents in New York. His younger brother Larry Lieber became a comic artist.

Cartoon publisher Martin Goodman, his uncle, his brother, Lee became a helper, then called Timely Comics, who eventually became Marvel.

Lee gradually began writing comics under the pseudonym "Stan Lee," he said of his autobiography because he wanted to keep his real name for more serious work, such as novels. (His name later changed legally.)

He received his first credit at the Captain America event in 1941. When Kirby and journalist Joe Simon left Goodman for controversy, he was called a temporary reporter for a teenager. When Lee told the story, "Martin looked around and said," Hi, do you think you could keep this job until I got an adult? ' "

Lee was in the US Army during World War II. Afterwards he ran for publishing, but was not particularly pleased with the results – romance, monster skills, and whatever Goodman thought he could sell.

The success of the great DC Comics, which brought signs like Batman and the Justice League, Goodman gave Lee a chance to try to create something superhero genres. When writing Kirby, Lee created a new kind of hero – suffering from shortcomings, uncertainties, even romantic problems. There were many outside ways that young readers could recognize.

Fantastic Four immediately succeeded in success in the new Marvel titles – so many that Lee struggled to keep pace. As a result (and for the sake of necessity) he created a new, more cooperative way of working with illustrators: Lee circles the stories and then asked the artists to draw them before they were given by adding dialogue and word announcements.

As it turned out, this approach worked particularly well with Kirby's story-telling skills. "He was really a comic bookie," Lee once said.

Lee also created an unusual binding to Marvel readers by updating them through the Marvel publications according to the delivery contracts he signed with "Excelsior!" Lee later named her autobiography "Excelsior: Stan Lee".

Although Goodman had little respect for the comic book reader, Marvel began to attract more sophisticated fans and raise the level of dialogue to a comic book Lee explains, saying, "If a child comes into the dictionary, that's not the worst thing that could happen."

Despite successful co-operation, Lee and Kirby liked each other kindly. Shocking at his second level position in Marvel as Lee drove objects and photographs, Kirby robbed in 1970 and started working with a competing DC. Sharing drove many Marvel fans to separate camps, and some loyal Kirby partisans who suffered from illness towards Lee.

"Much more people know the name Stan Lee as the name Jack Kirby," Kirby's daughter Lisa told the Los Angeles Times after her father's death. "I do not count on Stan Lee's talents, but it's hard to see that he's in control of the credit."

Dark Horse Comics's founders Mike Richardson said, "Lee and Kirby were comic strips Lennon and McCartney, and Stan Lee became known among popular people and Jack did not."

In 1971, Lee also helped to create a Comics Code Authority review that was an independent guide to cartoon stories introduced in the 1950's. Lee wrote a three-story story in which Spider-Man's best friend, Harry, became addicted to drugs and published these things without the CCA approval number.

Lee's post-Marvel companies did not match his previous career. According to lawyer Peter Paul, Lee started his own company Stan Lee Media in 1998, but two years later, scientists accused Paul of manipulating the stock. Paul fled to Brazil and was finally handed over to the United States and accused of blaming SEC in 2003 (Lee had never committed any abuses).

Lee later formed a second trick, Pow! Entertainment that mentions itself as a "creative giant" on her business card. He continued to create television, film and video projects, including live DVD film advertisements banner Stan Lee Presents.

Despite his continued attitude towards Marvel and the intense association with his name, Lee challenged the company in 2002, holding him a percentage of TV and film production profits. He received a reported $ 10 million report in 2005.

The next trial for Lee and Stan Lee Media's shareholders was left in 2011 for almost a decade. Kirby's heirs also looked at legal alternatives for his father's Marvel characters he had created, but the federal court appealed his appeal in August 2013.

Lee sold Pow! Entertainment in Hong Kong's Camsing International Holding in 2017. In May, he filed a $ 1 billion court case against the company since May, claiming that business partners exploited his diminished vision and cheated him to sign his exclusive right for his name. He dropped the trial in July.

However, that was not the end of the legal turmoil in Lene. In August, the judge granted a containment measure aimed at protecting Leea Keyan Morgan, a collector of souvenirs that had been accused of using his close relationship with Lee to do art, money and other assets worth over $ 5 million.

Marvel's Hollywood mainstreaming did not really start with the success of all of Marvel's success, Lee's high profile and animated comics (and later a live-action series) produced in the 1960s and 1970s until films such as "X-Men" and Spider-Man franchise 2000 century. These films and advances in special effects produced the current comic film Aalton, which has become part of the industry's largest moneymakers.

Strongly energetic up to the eighties and beyond, Lee was extremely popular in Hollywood in his later years of prestigious generation of filmmakers who grew up in reading comic books and used the passion with Marvel characters with them.

In 2011, Lee joined the joint venture of Ricco Capital Holdings, Hong Kong's merger company and Fidelis Entertainment with Panda Media Partners to create Magic Storm Entertainment for new super heroes in China and other Asian regions.

His numerous awards included the National Medal of Arts in 2008. At that time, he told National Public Radio that he paid little attention to the popularity of Marvel's features in other media such as movies, saying: "It's a memorial that basically I think they were fairly commercial stories. "

Lee received the America's Vanguard Award Guitar Award for Recognizing Achievements in New Media and Techniques in January 2012. Comedian Concerto began with Comic Con's documentary film "With Great Power: Stan Lee Story" in 2010.

Lee's friends were Batman's creator Bob Kane and Lee told an interview that Kane had been tempted by Warner Bros. movies from Batman in 1989. Lee noted that he regretted that Kane's death in 1998 prevented her from seeing the theatrical rise in Marvel's features that matched and "Spider-Man" temporarily exceeded her.

Lee is alive with his two daughters. His wife for nearly 70 years, Joan, died last year from complications of stroke.

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