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More than 50% of people with arthritis have tried a doctor's marijuana or CBD


June 13 CreakyJoints®The Global Healthy Living Foundation Patient Community presents a declaration at the annual European Rheumatology Congress (EULAR 2019) in Madrid, Spain. Two new summaries were approved for publication.

Poster titled "Patient perceptions and medical marijuana use, ”Noted that more than half (57.3%) of arthritis patients (N = 1,059) have reported experimenting with marijuana (THC) and / or cannabidiol (CBD) products for the purpose they considered medical. Of those who use THC regularly for medical reasons, 62 percent use THC at least once a day. For most of the reasons mentioned above, cessation of use was illegal (31.2%) of THC and cost (32.5%) of CBD. Despite these obstacles, most participants who tried THC or CBD reported to improve their symptoms (THC = 97.1%, CBD = 93.7%) and / or their condition (THC = 96.1%, CBD = 93 , 1%). Pain and sleep disorders were the most important symptoms that the participants are trying to relieve with these products, and many used them instead of prescribed or extra medications.

Although rheumatologists and patients have tried to find an effective arthritis and treatment strategy, there are still many patients who are looking for more chronic symptoms. It is worrying that so many patients with arthritis use medical marijuana and cannabis products without good quality evidence of their safety, efficacy and proper dosage. This highlights the urgent need to conduct randomized, controlled studies to investigate their effectiveness in treating common symptoms of arthritis and their possible interaction with other drugs. In addition, patients may not discuss the use of these products in order to add or replace other arthritis treatments with their health team. "

W. Benjamin Nowell, Ph.D., Director of Patient Centralized Research at CreakyJoints and ArthritisPower, Joint Manager Researcher and Poster

The study found that only two-thirds (64.6%) of participants reported having used HCC to THC or CBD, and more than half did not receive information from the healthcare provider about safety, efficacy or dosing, possibly because of the availability of the study. Of those who received advice, most reported that their HCP did not consider the use of THC or CBD in connection with other treatment changes. Whether they used THC or CBD for medical reasons or not, most patients (THC = 65.5%, CBD = 55.6%) expressed their wish for more information about them, including their effectiveness and interaction with other medicines from their healthcare provider or online. resources for training.

Using ArthritisPower® A research register that now has over 19,000 consent among the participants, a 77-part study included 1,059 participants who were ≥ 19 years of age, lived in the United States, and reported medical diagnosis of rheumatoid or musculoskeletal disorders. The study also required participants to report on their current state of health (NIH PROMIS Global Health), the use of THC / CBD, and the related information needs. The results of the entire survey are available at the poster's request.

Overview of CreakyJoints data in EULAR 2019

  • Patient perceptions and medical marijuana use
    Tag: THU0644
    Presentation of the poster: 13 June 2019 at 11.45 CET
  • Patient Experience: Evaluation of the Pragmatic Pilot Process by Remote Monitoring of Symptoms
    Tag: AB1284, published abstract
  • Patient settings for using digital tools and social media in diet and exercise
    Identifier: AB1222, published abstract

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