Sunday , July 25 2021

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GTR Ventures; an investment firm and a private equity fund, has announced an undisclosed amount of investment in Orbita – fintech deals, which is focused on Africa.

With Smart Arrangement Technology, Orbitt has sought to combine investors with trade and investment opportunities. In this regard, the company claims to have facilitated a stock, debt and trading chain of more than USD 100 million since its inception in 2016. It is also interested in training in the digitization of the African investment ecosystem.

With development, Orbitt is the first investment by GTR Ventures in Africa. Adding this, Orbitt is the latest addition to GTR Ventures' growing portfolio of technology companies, serving products and solutions for the needs of a global trading and investment community.

While GTR Ventures is already involved in London, Singapore and Hong Kong, GTR Ventures is working to co-operate with Orbitt to support its financing opportunities with emphasis on products and innovations. In addition, the investment seeks to foster significant relationships between the forum and the key players in the world of digital and digital finance financing.

Within statement published on the GTR Ventures website, Orbitt's founder Lanre Oloniniyi can be said by saying; "Our partnership with GTR Ventures is a thrilling time for us. GTR Ventures' network of trade and export organizations is an important factor that will help us attract large banks and funds across Asia, Europe and the Middle East to boost trade finance and investment in Africa."

The placement announcement appears to have coincided with this year Global Trade Review (GTR) African Trade and Investment Meeting which was held in London. The event can be considered as an important annual gathering for professionals in areas such as international trade, exports and project finance, especially those who want to explore the potential of the African continent. Such names Afreximbank, Ecobank, Standard Chartered, SMBC, and BACB, were key financial institutions that were represented at the event.

"Africa-Asia trade is $ 500 billion annually, but African capital providers are hampered by the lack of financial instruments and the availability of information Orbitt's technology can help lenders manage their risks and make other events in a timely manner on a stand-alone market We are pleased to partner with all stakeholders to improve credit standing on the continent. , our vision is to improve the banking business of all businesses, SMEs and businesses in Africa, "said Kelvin Tan, Editor-in-Chief of GTR Ventures.

Also about development, GTR's CEO Peter Gubbins and the founder of GTR Ventures, were excited; "Even though the continent has more than $ 100 billion in commercial funding, we are seeing more and more institutional and effective capital that wants to do more with Africa. Using GTR's Africa footprint – Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia and South Africa, we see Orbitt in partnership with partner banks and funds parallel to this gap. "

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