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The Ethiopian-Italian Business Forum was held in Addis


The two-day business forum in Ethiopia and Italy, which has been running for two days in Addis Ababa, has today come to an end. The aim of the forum was to strengthen the economic ties between Ethiopia and Italy.

Aklilu Hailemichael, Foreign Ministry Foreign Minister Aklilu Hailemichael stated at the opening ceremony: "Italy is one of Ethiopia's major export destinations in Europe and a source of tourists every year in Ethiopia."

Emphasizing that Ethiopia has much to learn from Italy, especially in light manufacturing, agricultural processing and textile industries, Dr. Aklilu stressed that "Ethiopia and Italy have [a] a symbolic relationship with infrastructure and this should be expanded effectively in other areas. "

Emanuela Del Re, Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, said that the forum shows that ties between Ethiopia and Italy are strong.

The business group met for discussion with 150 Ethiopian and 50 Italian companies working in the agricultural processing, infrastructure, textile and leather industries.

"The involvement of so many Italian institutions in the forum is a tangible sign of our commitment to Ethiopia," Del Re met.

This year, the diplomatic link between Ethiopia and Italy is 130 years old.

Source: Walta Info

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