A 4-year-old girl dies of tonsillitis


Tonsils are located in the throat and are an integral part of the body's defense system. This evolution of the meat captures strange bodies that come to the throat, stop and report their presence to the body. This immune response causes inflammation, characterized by swelling and pain.

The measure is not so necessary

Problem: In children, these infections cause recurrent sneezing and sleep apnea. Thus, the elimination of tonsillins is commonly practiced. A total of nine out of ten cargo outfits are children. Removing them helps to eliminate the immune system barrier and increase the risk of respiratory infections.

The UK study looked at the real benefits of such activities. By collecting data on 1.6 million English children in 2005 and 2016, researchers found that in seven out of eight cases, the operation is useless. By contrast, some young patients do not work when their pain justifies it.

Death again

At St. Louis's Three Frontiers Polyclinic, a 4-year-old girl died on Saturday, November 3, in a tonsillectomy surgery. After this death, internal research was opened to "seek complete and complete openness to what happened in our walls", explains the direction of the polyclinic.

The girl had been treated five days earlier, but after she had been placed under observation in accordance with the procedure, the doctors decided to take action again. During the second intervention, the little girl had a cardiac arrest. Despite the visit to the Hospital for Children's Recovery Center and the doctors' efforts, he died on the following Saturday.

Open internal research

The tragedy that is shocking the leadership of the polyclinic, which guarantees: "Our thoughts are with the parents and with the family of the missing child. In the human strategy, the care staff of our institution is very shocked to the situation."

Internal research leads to the report being submitted to the Regional Health Agency (ARS). The Polyclinic management asserts that "the intervention teams were complete and experienced, the equipment worked well." Officials "give the authorities who so request all the elements they possess".

The deaths of such an intervention are often not common. But this work 35,000 times a year in France, as the high authority figures, like any surgical measure, "no zero risk", explains the direction that states that "According to statistics, the death rate of this procedure is 1: 50,000."

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