A raise of 50 euros a month to refuel


Roche-la-Molière's mayor's last-minute fuel boost "to hear his people" anger and "the difficulties that this kind of fluctuation can cause a lower income for households".

Eric Berlivet has decided to bring "solidarity and fair support" with good fuel, which will be split up from 1 January 2019.

The principle is as follows: Rouch, which has been domiciled in the municipality for at least six months and meets all the criteria, may receive subsidies for only € 50 worth of fuel per month for up to six months max.

"Help those who are generally not covered by any financial support who are not entitled to anything"

Target Audience? "People who are usually limited to any financial support for those who have no right to anything," said the selected drummer. In particular, he wants to give momentum to "encourage people to continue in the morning, take their cars and go to work despite all restrictions, and not stay at home".

"We have been working with staff and CCAS representatives for several days to provide legal and economic opportunities for such assistance to enable it to be possible without domestic punishment," says Eric Berlivet. On Friday morning, the city's CCAS government has validated the project. I just miss the prefecture stamp.

Of course, the data is transferred to social networks and the municipal newspaper. The files must be sent to CCAS. It is difficult for the mayor to know whether Rouchon is affected by a great deal of "I hope so, nevertheless".

"Only" criteria

To apply for this assistance from the municipal social center of the city, applicants must complete a file that will be sent on December 20. By. Several criteria are maintained: "It is necessary to live in the municipality for six months," says Éric Berlivet.

Of course, the income is taken into account: the grant is divided in proportion to the work: 50 euros for full time, 25 euros for half, etc. The distance from work is 15 km – 40 km. Business premises shall not be used in public transport. The beneficiary must have been employed for at least three months. "Only the criteria," said the Mayor of Roche-la-Molière, who said there was no cumulation with other existing subsidies.


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