Monday , August 2 2021

Carlos Ghosn was arrested in Tokyo for tax evasion

VIDEO – The Japanese manufacturer claims that its symbolic boss has hidden part of his income from the Japanese tax authorities. The Director General of Nissan has confirmed Carlos Ghosni's arrest in Tokyo, and he intends to propose on Thursday to leave the government.

It's a great thunder. Nissan meets on Thursday with his cabinet to vote for Carlos Ghosni's departure. The Japanese manufacturer claims that the emblematic boss hid part of his income from the Japanese tax authorities. Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa condemned "unspecified and serious economic practices" and confirmed Carlos Ghosni's arrest in Tokyo, announced by the Japanese public broadcaster NHK. According to Japanese news agency Jijin, the Nissan President has underestimated the five billion yen (38.9 million) compensation, which was almost 10 billion euros. According to Kyodo News Agency, this policy began in 2011 and lasted for more than five years. Carlos Ghosn has now heard about Japanese law on this subject. Monday morning on a daily basis Asahi Shimbun had announced this affliction. In France, Elysee has confirmed that "the process is underway" in Japan, and President Emmanuel Macron said "it was too early to decide on the facts" and that "the state is very vigilant about the stability of the alliance and the Renault group".

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Nissan stated that, "on the basis of the notifier's statement, Nissan has conducted internal investigations into the misconduct by Carlos Ghosn for several months, and Nissan's Managing Director also added that he" seeks to ensure that the Renault Alliance does not affect, "pointing out that" too much power was concentrated on one person hands ".

Ten brands

Nobody could comment on this news from the Renault side. It seems that the surprise is on the whole Frenchman's side. This will inevitably affect the future of the alliance between Renault and Nissan. Last year, the alliance became the world's largest carmaker.

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At noon, the Renault department lost almost 13% of the Paris Stock Exchange. As a leader of the Diamond Group since 2005, Carlos Ghosn has won the shareholder's confidence in obtaining results from both the French manufacturer and his Japanese partner Nissan. The Renault-Nissan Alliance expanded in 2016 to Mitsubishi and became the world's largest 10.6 million car last year. At the initiative of Carlos Ghosni, now a stable financial group was the first to invest heavily in the electric car from which it is the world's leader. The French and Japanese industrial giant brings together ten brands (including Dacia, Lada, Samsung Motors, Alpine, Infiniti, Datsun …). It employs 470,000 employees and 122 factories on each continent.

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In mid-August, a group last June, Carlos Ghosn, with the support of the current government, decided to cut 30 percent of his salary and appoint two Thierry Bolloré, who was called to succeed. As Managing Director of Nissan, he had been close to 1.1 billion yen (8.8 million euros in time) between April 2016 and March 2017. He also earned more than 7 million euros a year as Renault's CEO.

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