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excitement on the 16th round table, live news


World Championship: Excitement on the 16th round table, live info

WORLD CUP 2019 FEMININE – The French team has to wait tonight and the end of the E and F teams to know their opponents in the eighth final. Discover the daily program, the latest results and news from the 2019 Women's World Cup.

15:55 – First for Argentina

Yesterday, Albiceleste managed to take penalty points for extremists, while Scotland led 3-0. The mark in the history of the Women's World Cup is the first time a team has a 3-goal handicap.

15:40 – Javiera Toro: & # 39; & # 39; Come to Chilean girls to dream & # 39; & # 39;

The left-wing Javiera Toro plays his first World Cup in France. Although the victory over Thailand can open doors to unbeatable stages, Chile's running is already a success for 21-year-olds: "I think the country's first world championship is very important to Chile. We show that everything is possible, we want girls in Chile to continue to sleep. for the championship in Chile. "

15:25 – Sweden – USA: Lindahl and the 2011 win

Against the US, Sweden could be a bad trick as it was 8 years ago. In the 2011 World Championships, the Scandinavian country had made its first loss to the Americans in its half-century history. Goalkeeper Lindahl said for a moment: "We had to win. I remember Dahlkvist's punishment, it was great. During the handshake, I felt honored for the first time at the end of the match."

15:10 – F Group odds

Sweden has a difficult task to deprive the US of this group's 3-pass. F. Challenger, Scandinavia's win is worth 8.5 and the rating is 5.25. Teammates Alex Morgan's success costs € 13.5 with a € 10 share. At Showdown, where two teams can be reached, Chile is almost certain that boomers with a rating of 1.20 are Thai compared to 11, with a rating of 7.5.

14:56 – Group E odds

These are the two most undefined games of the day. In Reims, Canada offends the Netherlands from a shocked peak. The winnings of both teams can earn 27 euros with a 10 euro share. Billing is, in turn, classified at 3.25. For the second group meeting, New Zealand is popular (2.07) in the first win in the World Cup. Cameroon's attraction and success brings 36 euros to 10 shares.

14:41 – Thailand: A miracle scenario for a 16-round show

Despite two strikes against the United States and Sweden, Thailand could become the fourth best in the 16th round. That's why Srathongvian girls have to win against Chile, then hopefully Cameroon and New Zealand were pulled out earlier. Recalling that the Asian country has not yet won the World Cup.

14:24 – The United States is facing a pet

The first real shock to the United States. After two warm-up cycles, Alex Morgan's teammates meet Chile and Thailand to meet Sweden's final group. After the first edition in 1991, the Americans knew the loss only once in the group stage, against Sweden in 2011. Another goal in the US is to achieve 3/3, unrealized performance after the 2003 World Cup.

14:07 – Asako Takakura (Japan): "I'm not happy with anything other than qualifications"

Japan coach spoke last night for his team after the defeat against England, which does not question his qualifications for the World Cup 16 in the round. "I am satisfied with anything, we must first be said that English is an excellent team, very strong, very quick attackers We tried to survive, but the first goal was due to a mistake, but in the second half of the year we were able to recover, but unfortunately we did not manage to score points, but we finished the 16-round, so we managed the group stage.

13:54 – VIDEO – Blue muscle construction work

French team players trained this morning behind closed doors in Le Havre, but FFF filtered some photos of the session in their Twitter account:

13:22 – Cameroon – New Zealand: Goal 3 Place

Two teams have not yet won one match Women's World Cup. Their fifth participation in the world, Kiwit continues to seek the first victory (11 losses and 3 bets). The reason for hope, New Zealand won its only match at the 2012 London Olympics, and the winners of this match could be the third best and to see the 16th round.

13:10 – First place in Canada and the Netherlands

Two wins in two games, both teams have started the Women's World Cup. This is the 13th sign between Oranjes and Canucks. At the moment, Canada has great advantages with 9 wins and 3 bets, including the last in the previous version of the world in 2015 (1-1). Game starts at 6pm at Augims-Delaune Stadium in Reims.

12:55 – The blue eighth final is disputed to be sold out

Since the start of the competition, the French team is developing in front of the full stadium, on Sunday night at Le Havre, in the eighth final. At least 25,000 people should be standing on Stade Océane. "The Alliance and many others have done a great deal during this World Championship," said Viviane Asseyi, an attacker yesterday, at a press conference, "enthusiasm to improve the beginning of the work, it gives us strength".

12:40 – Update your scorers classification

Putting four goals on Tuesday, Australian Sam Kerr has joined the American Alex Morgan at the top of the 2019 Women's World Cup. Two runners have five goals before Cristianea (Brazil, 4 goals). ), Carli Lloyd (USA, 3 goals), Cristiani Girelli (Italy 3 goals) and Wendie Renard (France, 3 goals).

12:18 – Closed session session for Les Bleues this Thursday

The French women's team will continue their preparations for the 8th final World Championship in Le Havre. After fifteen minutes of open training for the media, the girls of Corinne Deacon are practicing in the camera today. This is undoubtedly an opportunity for Les Bleues's coach to work on his team's offensive animation, which he himself marked as the main axis of progress after the first round.

11:59 am – France in its entirety before the 16th round

If the French team still has a good progress in this women's World Cup, all the lights will stay green, three wins in three games, but also the full power to attack the unbeaten stage: no player is a priori injured and no interruption is unfortunate for the eighth final. Only Eugenie Le Sommer was threatened with a new warning on Monday in Nigeria, but he was not punished after he came to 62 minutes.

11:31 – Stéphanie Frappart's whistle to Holland – Canada

The only French referee in this women's football world championship was named to work in group E match between the Netherlands and Canada, today (18h) in Reims. Stephanie Frappart, who is associated with her compatriot Manuela Nicolas and Irish Michelle O & # 39; Neill, condemns her second World Cup match after Argentina – Japan (0-0).

11:10 – The eighth finals program is still uncertain

Before the latest group competition, only one of the 8th final of the Women's World Cup is known. This is Norway – Australia, which will be held on Saturday at 21.00. Temporary Program:

  • Germany – Third Group A, C or D, Saturday, June 22, 17h30, Grenoble
  • Norway – Australia, Saturday, June 22, 21h, Nice
  • English – Group 3 B, E or F, Sunday 23 June, 5:30 pm in Valenciennes
  • France – Group 3 in Group C, D, or E, Sunday 23 June at 21h Le Havre
  • Spain – Group 1 F, Monday, June 24, 18h, Reims
  • Another group F – one in group E, Monday June 24, at 21, in Paris
  • Italy – Third Group A, B or F, Tuesday 25 June, 18h, Montpellier
  • Group E first group – Japan, Tuesday, June 25 at 9 pm in Rennes

10:54 – Selecting a French opponent from the table

10:43 – France still doesn't know its opponent in the 16th round

If Brazil is still the most likely opponent of the French team in the eighth finals of this football world championship, blue must wait for the end result of groups E and F to be permanently confirmed by their fate. It is still possible that the third of these two chickens is one of the best third and runs in Nigeria (third group A). In this case, France could face Cameroon or New Zealand.

10:37 – The Scottish coach deals with arbitration

Shellley Kerr did not hide his frustration last night after drawing the pledge against Argentina, synonymous with removing the Scottish World Cup. "It is very difficult, we have been removed, and we leave the competition in the incredible scenario of this match, he reacts. The first goal of Argentina has triggered everything. We suffer too much. Minutes and we have ruled this last quarter. We are very bitter (…). five to six times and I didn't see what the judges saw. I think FIFA must look at the level of certain judges in this tournament. "


The first rounds of the 2019 Women's World Championships were established last December. The French team inherited their group with South Korea, Norway and Nigeria. Blues has also honored his position by gaining first place and qualification for the eighth final, after successive Korean, Norwegian and Nigerian winners. The two best and the best four-thirds of each group are valid for 16 rounds. Chicken composition:

The women's world championship schedule is organized as follows: Group events (six teams of four teams) will be played from 7th to 20th June 2019. The first two and four best of each group will compete in the 16th round on June 22-25th. Then it's time for the quarterly finals on June 27th, 28th and 29th. The final will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of July. Finally, third place match, July 6th and Final, July 7, closes the competition. Note that if France finishes for the first time in its first round, it has every chance of finding a favorite in the United States, the favorite of the competition, in the quarter-finals. Full calendar in PDF format.

Much of the 2019 World Cup football matches have been sent clearly since TF1 has announced the best 25 posters (on its main channel or TMC), including all French team meetings. The Canal + group is proposing a full competition for their antennas. Bleues Match Program for the 2019 World Cup First Round (downloadable calendar in PDF format):

This 2019 World Championship for Women is held for the first time in France. Matches are played at stadiums nine French cities : Grenoble (Stade des Alpes), Le Havre (Stade Océane), Lyon (Groupama Stadium), Montpellier (Mosson Stadium), Nice (Allianz Riviera), Paris (Parc des Princes), Reims (Stade Auguste-Delaune), Rennes (Roazhon Park) and Valenciennes (Stade du Hainaut).

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