Thursday , January 21 2021

Iris Mittenaere: his dancer Anthony Colette's nice surprise in his book "Always believe"

For several months, he has worked in his first book, published on Harper Collins Editions on November 7, the former Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere was proud of presenting it yesterday to his friends who came to a large extent. And among them there is one that has not missed: in her partner's show Dance Stars, Anthony Colette.

An atmosphere that is loyal to the day's stars: superchic and very relaxed … Vernet Hotel, just a stone's throw from the 8th district in Paris, the Champs Elysées, this Tuesday, November 6, Iris Mittenaere met with his friends and relatives for launching his book,I always believe (Harper Collins ed). His friend's program Dance Stars – where he is always in the race! – Was there also …

She is happy. Tired but happy. It was hardly to be awarded with the stars of last dancing on the dance ball when preparing the following – which is exceptionally Thursday night, NRJ Music Awards next Saturday TF1obligent! – he's spinning. " It's a crazy week. Tomorrow I will go to Lille's first signing state (his book, Always believe in it, where he assures his career, his story, his "little tricks", his good addresses, his dream, ed). Thursday, DALSin bonus. On Saturday I will come to Cannes to sign a book … "As he has learned rum and chachacha, Iris continues to thrive.

In the radiant Jean Paul Gaultier pantsIris waltzed from another guest. Lio, Jean-Phi Janssen, Heloise Martin … And his girlfriend Miss, Camille Cerf, Chloe Mortaud, Marine Lorpelle and Sylvie Tellier … The well-known Anthony Colette (who also refuses to dance without dancing …) brings her dancer a few steps past.Let the whole assembly look and look at Lauren, Iris's mother, touching me tenderly.

Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette draw a few dance stages of the former Miss Universe book Toujours y Croire

Momentarily suspended Miss's fans are not ready to forget …

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