Monday , March 1 2021

Performance: Diesel wins

Thanks to a conversion premium designed to promote ecological change, some people buy polluting diesel engines. According to the latest information, this premium, which could rise to EUR 2,500, favored the purchase of a diesel engine in 47% of cases, 46% of petrol and only 7% of electricity. The reseller in the Paris area has made this observation since the beginning of the school year. Diesel still lingers, partly because of customers for economic reasons.

From the beginning of 2018, the conversion fee has been extended to used vehicles, sometimes even diesel engines up to seven years old, to toxic gases and fine particulate matter. They are usually in the crowns of the government. In a letter to the Minister of Ecology, a group of associations and doctors called for an urgent repair of the device. He asks that diesel fuels be excluded from excise duty.


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