Russian billionaire Rybolovlev was accused of art trafficking


AS Monaco Coordinator Dmitri Rybolovlev was charged in Monaco with three other people on Wednesday when he allegedly deceived his former Swiss art dealer Yves Bouvier. A specific payment or payment for Russian billionaires has not been clarified. He was freed and placed under court control, including three other defendants: his lawyer Tetiana Bersheda and the son and wife of the former Minister of Justice of Monaco, Philippe Narmino, the prosecutor's office. From Monaco, confirming information from Nice-Matin.

"The facts that have been understood are based on his lawyer's deception on mobile phones," said yesterday in Me Hervé Temime and his colleague Thomas Giaccardi, Russian lawyers who had not terminated the confiscation of this phone in order to terminate a lawyer's correspondence

His lawyer denied using the phone. Tetiana Bershed's cell phone was seized in a medical trial between Dmitri Rybolovlev and Yves Bouvier, in which she blamed the other for having found her a billion dollars in her joint friendship, Tania Rappo, applying unreasonable margins when selling paintings. In support of the fraudulent fraud presented at the beginning of May 2015, Me Bersheda had filed the registration of Tania Rappo, which he had challenged.

The researcher then cleared all the messages in the phone that are considered illegal by Dmitri Rybolovlev's lawyers. "The appeal of the Monaco Reform Court is underway in this regard," they said on Tuesday.

Rybolovlev was accused of "participating in private life". The texts sent from Bershed's phone in the French press showed a scandal in Monaco, which seems to indicate that Dmitri Rybolovlev would have benefited from the apparent good relations of his assistant with the Monegasque police chief and Philippe Narmino, then Yves Bouvier of the Principality of Seek of Keeper.

From the position of the complainant and the prosecutor The AS Monaco football club champion in France, 2017, left for October 2017 for mis sanction and was accused of "participating in justice respecting the life of a private person".

The use of Mr. Bersheda's phone had also led to X's investigation into the influence of trade and the early departure of Mr Philippe Narmino, Minister of Justice.


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