The dead man's body is found in the ruins of Marseille

The collapse of two buildings on Monday reminds us that the city has many unhealthy buildings. Five or eight people could be buried.

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The rescuers work in Marseille's 1st district on November 5 in two collapsed buildings.

Four firefighters and urban firefighters turned around the night to detect possible family lives in the Noailles district of central Marseille where two buildings collapsed early in the morning on November 5. Without knowing what they first collapsed and caused in the second carton house 63 and 65, the rue d 'Aubagne buildings, the tops of four and five floors, became a huge pile area.

On Tuesday morning, the dead body of the human being was found in the ruins where a total of five or eight people could be buried, he informed the authorities. "Urgency is to save lives", met Christophe Castaner, who reminded that the operation still lasts "Several days". The Interior Minister explained that the relief was "As carefully as possible". "In the first part of volunteering we found some surviving levels that allow us to have the hope to find and find a person who can be saved" he added.

Early in the morning almost a hundred rescuers were still working hard in pouring rain. "We saw dust on the cloud, was proved by Cyril Pimentel, who had just opened the Bikes Association premises in the city a few steps. We would have thought that we were in Syria. "

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Investigation given to the police

On Monday, farmers decided to cause a collapse of the third building, which threatened to stop the pollution in the afternoon to make safer measures. The presence of the victims of conflict does not seem to cause any doubt. "The most important thing is that we find as few deaths as possible, but we believe there are some" said Mayor of Marseilles, Jean-Claude Gaudie, who will appear next to Julien Denormandie, the city and housing ministry.

Prosecutor Xavier Tarabeux, who has brought an investigation to the police, opened it "Murder" and "Accidental injuries" because he argued, "We are almost certain that there were passengers, the first testimonies suggest it." Sverver, who lives in the opposite building, "The gentleman had just come out as the building moves, it was positive, there were families and couples inside the".

These two collapsed buildings were not unknown authorities because the city-based concession company, Marseille Habitat, took action to fight the unhygienic construction, took ten years to acquire all of the 63-storey condominium parts of Aubagne. The building even appeared New National Urban Construction Program; the micro-enterprise project of ten localities was to occupy the ground floor after restoration. It was fenced, the windows were supported by large beams, and Arlette Fructus, a counselor at Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolitan Housing, said local associations had regular visits. Last October 31 has made sure it was empty, says the selected.

The second building, the 65th Rue Aubagne, a condominium with twelve apartments, of which nine were occupied, on October 18 was a dangerous order for the first floor, the floor threatening to collapse. The completion of the work and the green light of the expert had allowed the family to reintegrate. From January 2017, the building had already been depleted by its inhabitants due to a serious and imminent danger. The floor of the first floor collapsed at the entrance.

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Desperate, even worthless nature

This drama, a few steps from the Old Port, reminds us of how Marseille suffers from an unstable, even worthless habitat, located in the northern districts but also in the center. In May 2015, Secretary General of Sustainable Development, Christian Nicol, presented a report to the Housing Minister who made an alarming list: "The portfolio of potentially worthless private property in Marseille, which poses a risk to health or safety, affects approximately 100,000 people and more than 40,000 homes, or nearly 13 per cent of the major residential parks, 70 per cent of which are located in private homes." The speed that rises to 35 percent in the city center, including Noailles, is the place for all shops and nest to sleep merchants. At present, the Marseilles Public Prosecutor examines a dozen procedures that are ruthless or valuable housing, not in relation to a large number of buildings.

Noailles is one of the most popular, often Marseille's belly, as it lives in the Longue-des-Capucins street market. Noailles is one of five shipwrecked islands that require priority action. 2011-2021). But in the eyes of the association center for everyone, things do not move forward, except the beginning of the gentlemanship of the bottom of the Aubagne Street, where the whole Canebière scene has become a luxury hotel.

"Noaille has a rejection strategy and this tragic case is an immediate consequence of the mayor's negligence in the prevention and management of unsatisfactory and unhealthy housing in the center, deplores the member of the association, Patrick Lacoste, who points out that this district has been subject to retraining programs for twenty years. Today half of the weakened buildings still need to be handled. "Marseilles, we prefer to place money in the stadium or at the La Marseillaise tower in Jean Nouvel, Is it a plague?. It is quite shameful, it takes the dead to care for the center. "

"We called our people to invite people to our place"

Arlette Fructus is also angry but against "A system that penalizes public action". In a procedure where the country was not controlled by French rue Aubagne, experts spent three years reporting to judges. And when in 2015 the neighboring apartment took legal action on the 65-story building caused by interference, the experts needed to go for another three years. "The tragedy we have today is related to the continuous stoppage of procedures, the sclerosing system that prevents us from moving and delaying our operations" regrets Mme Fructus.

Sophie, 25, a Master of Philosophy, rented a 330 Euro studio from Fifth Floor 65, Rue Aubagne. On Sunday he had not slept at home, he says World. His neighbor is no longer on the fourth floor. The latter will be saved because his showers fall to the floor below, he went to live with a friend. "We hesitated to invite people to our home," He said. In October, he had disturbed the trustee who told him that everything was okay, even though the doors were no longer open and the walls were lounging. But what arouses most is that we do not "Not immediately given measurements: all neighbors are broken".

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