Monday , April 12 2021

VIDEO TPMP: The famous TF1 reporter withdraws his show

Faithful viewers have learned very bad news this Tuesday, November 6, Touch not my post. The journalist whose arrival was scheduled on Thursday told Cyril Hanouna that he was no longer able to meet his commitments.

The fabric burns in between Cyril Hanouna and TF1, and the fire is not going out. In September, C8's flagship host – well assembled the first channel that did not allow Camille Combal to go to his previous show to promote Dance Starsblasting the sinkers Live. Two months after the first CSA report, the war was re-awakened. On Thursday, November 1, Baba announced to her fanzouze that TF1 was again seized by a higher-level audiovisual council when Karine Ferri had recorded old pictures. Radical step to judge a "Smear campaign and moral harassment" whose channel and its hosts would be a topic.

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If viewers have seen images with Yoann Gourcuff's partner in facial blurring, the rumor is not mentioned this Tuesday, November 6th. But before the antenna was restored, Cyril Hanouna revealed sad consequences. "On Thursday night, we had to get Harry Roselmack -. Which I like a lot and with whom I'm pretty good, and with whom we are very (sic) And unfortunately, TF1 incident, Harry Roselmack is not here»he announced, disappointed. The journalist had to settle around the table Do not touch my position for promote fractures, his first movie. Harry Roselmack – who does not want to end up "In a difficult situation" with their employers – sent a "Very nice message" C8-anima Square cancel his coming. Painful by this decision, Cyril Hanouna carries the rapporteur's film trailer Seven to eight. Friendship before competitions.

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