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Xiaomi demolishes Mi 9T itself before others do it


Xiaomi continues to communicate around Mi 9T, the international version of Redmi K20. The Chinese company has just released a video of a demolished smartphone showing its social network.

Xiaomi Mi 9T is one of the smartphones we're talking about right now. Redmi K20's international deterioration, was greatly appreciated by our test due to its design, autonomy or performance.

Today, a Chinese company has decided to reveal the intestine. On Twitter, the brand released a video showing the various parts inside the smartphone. A Kind of Quick Tutorial "How to Unzip His Xiaomi Mi 9T? This allows us to learn more about who's classified"flagship killer ".

Classical structure

If the look is original, the interior is still quite classic. Smartphone component layout is risky and avoids errors because Samsung could do with the Galaxy Note 7.

Note how a motorized front camera works, a system similar to OnePlus 7 Pro, for example, with a small mechanism that lets the sensor out of the smartphone to take itself.

Such a video is quite rare among brands that advise to turn instead of official SAV instead of trying to disassemble the phone. Here, Xiaomi does not hesitate to explain the steps of unloading, even if the user would not be encouraged to take his screwdriver directly.

It's always interesting to see how small devices work from the inside!

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