Monday , October 26 2020

After the Chrismas scandal for hunting – 5.5 years ban on judges – Ruhrgebiet

During the ascent game between TuS Asterlagen (Duisburg) and Büdericher SV Wesel, it came in ugly hunting scenarios …

Moers (NRW) – On Wednesday evening, the sports field met in Moers and set heavy penalties: TuS Asterlagen's judge Kerim K. (28) was suspended – and the club's official even got a bigger penalty!

Kerim K .: a ban on the five and a half years and a ban for one year, as well as training against violence is a given, but the supervisor does not act as the Club seven years and can not get to the football pitch and a half years.

The club must also pay € 750 for an administrative penalty for dishonest behavior and € 150 because he was responsible for the game crash.

After the experiment, but it was still sporting events: Both Kerim K. and the manager forgave the judge Samet A (27) with a handshake.

What happened?

After 78 minutes, Asterlagen is 3: 0. Too little nerves are bare. Asterlagen, vice-president of Kreisliga B, must win Büderich 8: 0 to stand up. TuS player spits bubbles to his opponent. Judge Samet A. pulls the red card. The gum saliva was banned on Wednesday for five months.

Separation was too much for Kerim K. (28): The powerful Asterlager, just ten minutes earlier, missed the judge's jaw, kicking him. The judge also looks red, then crosses the square, while Kerim K. and TuS fans drive him. Assistant Tobias K. wants to help his colleague, but the nurse takes care of the karate pot.

In the process, Samet A. reportedly escaped to the boiler room with his assistant and locked himself there. Later, they both had to take care of the hospital.

Not a single case

Thomas Kirches (53) is an observer and representative of the judges in the Working Group on "Violence". He's BILD: "We don't have a deceased judge, there is pure happiness! Everyone knows the problem of violence against judges. If we just look, we have to prepare soon for condom!"

He even demands tougher penalties for violent crimes in amateur football. According to DFB, there were 4078 and 2768 cases of violence (2017/18 season). 667 games were canceled. 3635 players, 2866 judges, 428 spectators, 421 nurses were victims.

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