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Bayern beat Borussia Dortmund: Mats Hummels has annoyed he has not gone before – Bundesliga – Bundesliga

Bayern focused on Dortmund

Mats Hummels went to Dortmund's top match Saturday night as "heavier in the cold". It told the Bayern Munich center back after the game – and was annoyed that she had not been left behind by the break. Niko Kovac said he had asked a national player if he was certain he could continue.

Niklas Süle comes to Mats Hummels

65 minutes in Dortmund: Niklas Süle (l.) Comes for Mats Hummels – who had previously made two gross mistakes.

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"I got sick today," Hummels said immediately after the final whistle on the "Sky" interview: "It took just a little longer than usual, twice bare when it finally hit the ball," Man loses. "

In the tenth minute, Hummels missed a 0-0 win over Marco Reus' great potential. The Bayern score was 2: 1, and the German was Jadon Sancho's last man who attracted the ball, which made him look older from the next sprint and took him several meters. For Lucky FCB, Alcacer was awarded a few meters (62).

"I usually think I think quickly that I have an overview of the situation, and it did not happen twice, twice completely, very badly," Hummels said, critically, "After the situation (Sancho, d.Red.) I said ok so it's too risky that I'm back in such a story, and then I go out.

"I challenged it, I did not say the last half-time, it makes no sense. When everything is so boring and unclear on the head, playing at such a high level is difficult to accomplish."Mats Hummels

Should he have even played? "It was such fifty-fifty things," Hummels said. For him – who played for BVB for eight years – it would of course be difficult to give this game cold. Of course, the coach team had been notified, and he said halfway. "But I'm challenged with the fact that I told you in the last half, it makes no sense, if everything is a little bit dull and blurry head, just such a high level of the game is difficult to implement."

Kovac: "I asked him: are you sure you can play?"

Bayern coach Kovac reported at the press conference after the game, Hummels had been given a drug during the break and said everything was okay: "I asked also sides: are you sure you can play?" Kovac said, "He said yes, so we sent him back to court." Niklas Süle, who had already warmed up at half-time, started off again on the bench.

Süle also belonged to Bayern players, but Dortmund's injury rate was too much for the second half. Two minutes after the Hummels game, Reus equalized 2-2 (67) and Bayern's winner was Alcacer in 73 minutes. "It can not happen", was also Kovaç: "BVB has very fast players that go deep, we should have been smaller."


Bundesliga, 2018/19, 11th round

Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich 3: 2

Borussia Dortmund - Bayern Munich 3: 2

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Flanker Serge Gnabry claps the scorer Robert Lewandowski (right).

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