Wednesday , April 14 2021

Dead Blink: 26-year-old calls for false emergency

The 26-year-old California man announced that he had committed a false emergency phone call deliberately. The operation had made headlines globally in December 2017 because of the fatal consequences. After the call, a 28-year-old father died in police politics in Wichita, Kansas.

The people in the federal court of Kansas is disruptive for many reasons: the caller and the man in the police do not know each other at all. According to the authorities, there is a dispute between two video games about playing the game in Call of Duty: WII.

The man responsible for the wrong emergency call is Tyler B. and threatens him with the so-called "petition movement", which is now 20-25 years in prison – if the judge agrees to this agreement with the prosecutor. In connection with a Wichita incident, B. reported that he had committed three offenses, including "cyberstalking" and false reporting and death. More accusations dropped during the trade.

Nevertheless, B still has 51 payments. This is more of the presumed phone calls. So the California admitted that he was behind fake bomb threats at the FBI headquarters and at the US Federal Communications Commission's FCC.

46 otherwise he made false statements about the alleged bombings in high schools, shopping malls, or television stations. From his home town of Los Angeles, he called emergency numbers for a total of 17 states. According to the daily newspaper "Wichita Eagle" some evacuations were announced after the call.

"Swatting" is dangerous for both hackers and citizens

All these actions ended without injuries, but the wrong emergency call in Kansas led to the death of sideshow. From this point on, the event has been regarded as an extreme example of the consequences of so- "Swatting" can cause. "Swatting" is an emergency in which a police officer or a Swat team, a US special unit, such as hostage or rabble, with a particular person.

Similar cases are known from players and streamers, and celebrities repeatedly. The Los Angeles Police Department warned in 2012 that swatting practices "endanger citizens".

Wichita's case originated from the results of the researchers in a dispute between two players around Call of Duty. 18-year-old Casey V. North College Hill, Ohio and Shane G., 20, Wichita, are said to have committed $ 1.50. In this case, Casey V is said to have supplied Tyler B's "swap" in Los Angeles using the address addressed in Wichita, which Casey V had earlier received Shane G.

Taylor B. made "Wichita Eagen" calling an emergency call, the owner smiled at his phone number and claimed to be a man who had killed his own father, took hostages and considered the light from the house,

I was still talking

B. had previously been in direct contact with G, a targeted victim who was trafficked on Twitter. Shane G. had noticed that Taylor B. was spying on him. Also in this debate, B's first address, Casey V. should have been part of the debate.

"Try shit," said Shane G. as an alternative to B. "I look forward to." The whole thing, G. wrote knowing that the address was no longer her – she had moved.

Tyler B. sent a police call to an unscrupulous family member's house. He was shot dead when he came out of the building. The police had said in the situation, according to their own details, he had wanted to pull the gun. The federal court emphasizes in its statement that the man was innocent.

"If you ever set foot in Wichita, the accused made a chaotic situation that quickly turned dangerous to death," commented prosecutor Stephen McAllister. He calls on Tyler B to be imprisoned for 20 years, provided he sends several apologies, including the police and his father's family.

In the case of Tyler B, a judgment must be made on 30 January. He also has another in January from the Sedgwick County District Court's lawsuit allegations of careless murder. Casey V. and Shane G. are also awaiting their trial. They dispute a number of allegations against them.

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