Monday , October 26 2020

"Dm": man buys cream – when he looks at the bottle, he turns red with shame – Panorama

dm: man buys cream – when he looks closer at the bottle, he turns red with shame

Photo: imago pictures / imagebroker / Begsteiger

There are things you have in your hands for a long time, but certain details are obvious only when you look closely. Other things can only be identified from a certain angle. So it was also the buyer of the pharmacy chain cream "dm".

Sometimes it takes nudge to see things clearly. Now a Twitter user with this shower gel was".

In social media service, Godehard had written: "Dear designers, beware: some things look pretty upside down …"

"Dm": This cream bottle has two sides

The man shared a picture of two muscle bottles with cream. To the right to the left. On the right side, the bottle is upside down.

And see and see: The inverted bottle looks something completely different from a normal cream bottle. So a bottle standing in front of a young woman can be seen. Cheerful, he smiles at the potential cream. She hugs a man who looks just to kiss her on the cheek.


It's "dm":

  • "Dm" has 3,500 branches and 59,000 employees
  • "Dm" is one of Europe's largest pharmacies
  • The company was founded in 1973 in Karlsruhe
  • Dm's annual turnover is EUR 10.3 billion


"Dm": This cream is other than family safe

On the contrary, the picture is much less young free. It could smooth out facial flushing. Because the head looks like a happy young woman put her head in the anus. Oops, who may have escaped "dm".


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In any case, the comments below the message are pretty fun:

  • Lady Libri: "This cream can certainly be sold only after 22:00!"
  • Rising: "What? Petticoat skin is still true!"
  • Alexander E: "When you see the first picture, the first shows … O_o … off!"
  • Sebastian D: "What should it be right? Always look from behind."

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