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Erol Sander: 50 is far away

He was photographed, played by Winnetou, made a jump in Hollywood and today assured the TV Commissioner:
Erol Sander
(50, "Homicide Istanbul") always strive for bigger things. As a young student, she wants modeling as a successful model she wants to work on. His ambition paid so he could look back on his 50th birthday on November 9th with great success in front of a television and movie camera. But the actor is restless: he still has no role.

The Key to Happiness: Paris

Erol Sander was born in 1968 at Urchun Salihoglu in Istanbul. In 1973, he left Turkey with his mother and sister and grew up in Chiemsee and Munich. After graduating, he decided to study economics and political science. But that was not it. At 22, Sander ventured to take a step: he went to fashion in Paris, which added a career as a model – successfully. His style inspired designers such as Armani, Dolce & Gabbana or
Christian Dior
But an attractive young model brought a completely different dream: In addition to photographs and casting, Erol Sander spent time in performing lessons. "I did not have the opportunity to become an actress for my family, it was a long journey, but good," Sander told the magazine's interview for live TV in 2012.

The name promises success

First, the French TV viewers were convinced of the features of the model in 1997. After his return to the TV series "Paradis d" Enfer, the German career should also be successful. But he took the solo voice of Erol Sander, a tribute to the Hollywood legend
Errol Flynn
and fashion designer
Jil Sander
, He made his German TV debut in 1999 as Turkish TV Manager in Sinan Topraki's main role.

This was followed by roles in about 90 television and film productions. Especially TV-romances like "Rainbow Magic" (2006) or "The Wild Rose Valley – Heart Wind" (2007) were hardly in the early 2000's. In addition to the television production of the "Heart and Pain" group, he recalled the "Alps Clinic" (2006-2013) doctor and believed that he would take the first steps towards criminal life such as "All the Yearning of this Earth" (2009)
Christine Neubauer

His home? White-blue sky

"At home I have Minga because I grew up, I feel at home here," explained Erol Sander in March this year in an interview with Augsburger Allgemeine. But in 2008 the role pack offered him a great opportunity: in the TV series "Homicide Istanbul" he got closer to Turkish roots, learned the Turkish and became acquainted with his birthplace, which was a turning point. "I have always bullocks, and when I am in Turkey and try the country," said Sander. So far 18 sessions have been in the role of Mehmet Özaki.

Five years on horseback

However, Sander can retain his versatility: According to Winnetou, he can ride on the field in the Karl May competition in Bad Segeberg from 2007 to 2012. Three times in succession, he values ​​300,000 visitors in the role of the famous Apache master. Stage is also a part of Sanders' life today: Trilogy comedy "Miss Marple's case – Murder is reported" shakes his father's two – he has two sons named Marlon (15) and Elyas (8) – only through the German theatrical landscape.

Why not rush Hollywood again?

Except the German fans are excited. Even Hollywood knocked: Sander made his debut at the dream factory in 2004 on Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie in support of Oliver Stone's Alexander Prince Pharnakes. Stone, Sanders ex Caroline Goddet is a film director of film festivals, again the role: "Snowden" took on a small supporting role as a diplomat who is briefly seen as a party guest.

Erol Sander does not despise another trip to Hollywood – especially as the most famous secret agent in the film industry, James Bond's replacement is also fiercely heard. "I do not think that the German is a new James Bond – and then one immigrant move, though it would fit." Many say so and it's a huge compliment quite flying so you can not plan, "Sander recently said in an interview with" NWZ Online ". There, he also reveals how he celebrates his birthday: "If it's me, I'm only halfway through."

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