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Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald's Crime (2018)

A few months after the stormy events in New York that reduce the city's parts to ruins, the dangerous Dark Wizard Gellert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) is sitting in captivity and is about to move Europe into responsibility for his atrocities. Despite the highest precautions, Grindelwald takes an awesome escape. He does not waste time, collects his loyal followers and wrongdoing. To accomplish this, however, he needs to believe (Ezra Miller), a young wizard who has now brought his powerful and almost destroyed New York Obscurus into possession. Grindelwald's young Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) is the only wizard who is equal to or better than Grindelwald, but for some reason he can not compete against him. Therefore, he secretly requests his former student, the passionate magician Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne), to seize Grindelwald's heels and prevent him from looking for credibility. Newt was deprived after a New York event, New York was authorized by Newt to illegally travel to Paris to fill Dumbledore's mission. He is accompanied by his Muggle friend Jacob (Dan Fogler), who is looking for his queen Queenie (Alison Sudol) in Paris. Newt hopes to meet Queen's sister Tina (Katherine Waterston) again. He has since been back to Aurorini and is looking for trust. However, Newt, Tina, Grindelwald and the magical ministry are not the only ones who are after a young man.

Books and movies are two fundamentally different media, a fact many readers forget or hide when they complain that the new adaptation has left a favorite of the original. And while both media require great creativity from the creators, it does not mean that if you're very good at one of them, it's automatically translated to another. No one knows Harry Potter's creator J.K. Rowling denys his bold imagination and the opportunity to create detailed magical realms in every detail. You are J.R.R. The call to Tolkien for their generation will not go any further. But even though his talent as a writer is undeniable, he makes himself as a scriptwriter difficult in his other company as well. Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald's crime is an ambitious, sometimes brave, but hopelessly overwhelmed film whose many stories are much better novel than the 134-minute movie script.

First of all, we have the most important plot for finding Newtin and his trust in Grindelwald and looking for the powers of Grindelwald whose perceptions of blood purity are not far from Voldemort (or Hitler). But also present and past love affairs come out here. Newt wants to join Tina again, who has turned him away after misunderstanding. However, he may continue to mourn in his exile, Leta Lestrange (Zoë Kravitz), who has his own demon and is now accompanied by Newt's brother Theseus (Callum Turner). This in turn tries to win Newt's work at the ministry. Newt is also fascinated by a wonderful assistant Bunty (Victoria Yeates). James and Queenie love each other, but they have very different ways to deal with their forbidden relationship with the wizarding world. The fact that Grindelwald and Dumbledore merged more than just close friendships strongly referred to the latter. Then we have the confidence to look for his real family. He is accompanied by a wretched Indonesian witch Nagini (Claudia Kim), who becomes a snake at night and one day permanently maintains this form. Harry PotterOf course, fans know where this leads. The Senegalese Magician Yusuf Kama (William Nadylam) and the bounty hunter of the Ministry of Artwork, played by Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson, are also insignificant to the story.

If this sounds much to the movie, it's because it's too much. The paths of many of these brands sometimes intersect surprising and sometimes tragic ways, and the movie really does not tolerate attractive moments. In his details of his love and sometimes extravagant subplots that served to shape characters or improve mythology, have always been the strengths of Rowling's "Harry Potter" books. However, they encountered scriptwriters and directors whose challenge was to summarize the stories necessary to make the movies a clear focus. Although some of the favorite parts of the fans would have dropped, this was usually the best movie.

Without such a temporary checkpoint for Rowling's imagination, the story of a new movie comes out. After all, most areas have been successfully fused, but the way is hectic. Let's go from one scene and one story to the next. This is at the expense of individual stories and characters. David Yates's dominant role in the actor world today, most of the scenes and interactions of the characters are a way to complete, creating a complicated story for a great, exciting and indeed emotional finale. It would have done some scenes and characters well in order to get more space to develop a promising pace. For example, the story of a potentially interesting Newtin and Leta project is limited to a few short setbacks and meaningful looks.

In one step, Rowling has learned from his predecessor. Grindelwald's crime is no longer embarrassed. In part, the first film failed to combine fleeting, family-type and serious elements into a coherent whole. In this respect, the sequel shows one hat and ends completely on the dark side. Grindelwall's crime is considerably darker and more serious than its predecessor. It's a movie where children are sentenced to death. Reports and emotional abuse are dealt with indirectly but clearly identifiable. It is no coincidence that Grindelwald, an ideologically impossible but rethinking leader who also knows how to win good and honest souls for his cause, finds a true correspondence in our world.

Unfortunately, the series is still the main character. It's hard to say whether Eddie Redmayne's fairly monotonous behavior (embarrassed to look aside, socially awkward and regularly throwing a haircut on his face) or how his character is written but surrounded by a wonderful band and a dazzling world of Newt looks very blond. Harry Potter was not a complicated character, but his experience as a young man made him more approachable. Newt does not have angles, edges or identifiable sides. She is simply very friendly, optimistic, idealistic, and if you believe Dumbledore, a very talented magician, even though we have not seen much yet. Because the abundance of characters Redmayne hardly gets the opportunity to make more of their character, such as script scenario.

Jude Law is a very welcome newcomer. Instead of copying Richard Harris or Michael Gambon, he takes Dumbledore and works brilliantly. His performance is sovereign, delicate, somewhat playful but deeply sad and unfortunate. It's scenes with him in Hogwarts, which are the best in movies, and the familiar "Hedwig's Theme" music should make the hearts of all Potter fans faster.

Zoë Kravitz also leaves a lasting impression on a too short screen. At the same time, he presents elegance, breathtaking beauty and brilliance, based on his tragic prehistoric character. Dan Fogler and Alison Sudol, the unexpected highlights of the last movie, are also strong moments in the sequel. Fogler makes a little bit jolly in other ways in a dim ambiance and Sudol makes quirky Queenie probably the most interesting development in the movie. Although this is not entirely credible, but Sudol's innocence, indignation and unpredictability can be seen in one.

Of course, many are interested in listening to Johnny Depp's role in Grindelwald and the answer is … pretty solid. It's Johnny Depp, who plays a more eccentric, bigger life. You have often seen that you know what to expect and dork is routinely in it. Who is waiting for the new iconic movie villain, probably disappointed. Grindelwald is a one-dimensional figure that is very focused on his simple goal, which gives Depp enough life, while the costume and makeup team does the rest.

Like all the movies Harry PotterThe Universe is also excited about Fantastic Beasts 2 with an intoxicating look. Colleen Atwood's creative costume programs feature brilliant computer effects, the film is a spectacle that requires the greatest possible screen. Grindelwald's flight at dawn has an exploding sequence as well as the last stage. While the main story is now focused on classical good and evil conflict, similar fantastic predators are not too short and integrated better than in the previous sketch. Highlights include the Chinese dragon dragon Zouwu, unrealistic sweet (and useful!) Niffler and the happiest movie chains ever Cemetery of cuddly animals,

J.K. Rowling and David Yates, another, very bleak trip to the fantastic animal world would have been less. It's visual Grindelwald's crime celebration for the eyes, a complicated story with bold ambitions and moments, especially when Jude Law is Dumbledore, invites you successfully Harry PotterMagic up. But a plot that has been overloaded with countless subplots and characters and a pompous protagonist prevents the continuation of staying in this most beautiful movie of the magical world.

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