Formula 1 in Brazil: Sebastian Vettel seems to be a wanted passenger


Here are the press reports from the Brazilian Grand Prix:


Daily Mail: "Lewis Hamilton wins the controversial Grand Prix when Max Verstappen fights with his fist and calls Esteban Ocon to be a fool when the fake Frenchman won and Mercedes won and enjoyed the fifth title in the team."

The Guardian: "Hamilton wants to end the season as successfully as possible, and he has done well in Sao Paulo, but this victory has really fallen in his arms." Hamilton would not dominate, he gained Ocon's defeats another win in succession. "

Telegraph: "Verstappen has been ridiculed, Ocon's mistake has ruined his brilliant race and in the end it is of no significance that Hamilton had his tenth victory and gave Mercedes the fifth team title." Sebastian Vettel was a very bad day, sixth place for him and Ferrari too little. "

Sun: "Mad Max Verstappen goes to a competitor who stole the victory, and Hamilton reached his tenth victory, but this time he needed help." Lew's record is impressive: he has won 50 of the last 50 races. "


L & # 39; Equipe: "Verstappen guarantees a spectacle, Hamilton celebrates his tenth victory, the title of Mercedes's fifth builder, but the day's hero was Verstappen, Ocon has been rewarded for his work that struck Verstappen so much that he physically attacked him, which the guards had rightly said.


Gazzetta dello Sport: "Winning the constructor list would have been Ferrari's wonder, but Marlanon Interlagos could have expected more, for Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen could at least try to make life difficult for Mercedes, but Vettel seems to have defended himself more than an attack."

Sports Courier: "Verstappen-Ocon, in Wild West, Interlagos, Mercedes does not shine, but won the builders title Ferrari performance is blond, Raikkonen stays in the water, while Vettel falls again two weeks in Abu Dhabi, the world championship finishes, Ferrari thinks about the next year."

Tuttosport: "F1 is about Hamilton, who does not even leave competitors behind … Vettel is not convincing Mercedes's domain is perfect this season It's time for Maranello to design next season."

The Republic: "Hamilton is cold, Mercedes can celebrate another title, Abu Dhabi at the end of the two-week 2018 season that Ferrari wants to forget full of bitterness, year full of mistakes and wasted opportunities."

The Press: "Mercedes, five times the King of Formula 1. The team continues to celebrate with Hamilton, while Ferrari lost its final goal to its builder in 2018. At age 33, Hamilton has four or five years at a high level, and he can become the greatest pilot in history."


Marca: "Ocon will throw Verstappen, and Hamilton's tenth victory will come. Esteban Ocon is not too tolerant on the mainland to win the Netherlands." Vettel looks desperate, the German continues his free kick. "

like: "Verstappen is a real spectacle for Verstappen, but the winner is Hamilton, Verstappen was already rubbing his hand because he was close to winning, but Ocon pushed him out in round 43. Hamilton was grateful for a new scenario, but it was not Sebastian Vettel's day."

Sport: Verstappen led the race, but Ocon deceived the victory, and Hamilton praised the gift, thinking from the start that Vettel did not really go. "

El Mundo Deportivo: "It's not clear how Ocon struck Verstappen and brought him to success Ocon served Hamilton for victory in the tablet Again, two serious mistakes by Seb that want to forget this fallen season, regardless of what's going on in Formula 1, it always wins Hamilton."


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