Monday , October 26 2020

Had Pocher's Girlfriend Amira: Descendants Was Not Designed!

Oliver Pocher (41) and his partner Amira M. Aly make a surprising confession! Last November, a TV comedian and a professional make-up artist officially announced their relationship. A few weeks ago, lovebirds went public with the following sweet news: they are waiting for the first child together! But not just the news that came to the fans is quite unexpected: Because Amira got pregnant by accident!

This mother recently deceived CloserInterview. When it was said jokingly: "It was designed, we've been working for years to announce it today," said Amira How it really happened: "No, it wasn't designed. Give it this way: We accepted it. "

But of course they would be great with their descendants – fans, but these two really don't want to share their parents' happiness: "I think people who show their children publicly will introduce them to social media and earn money with them, associal", stressed Oliver, Up to three other children who came from Marriage with former wife Alessandra Meyer -Wolden (36), the comedian never declares images online.

Oliver Pocher and Amira Aly are behind Getty ImagesGallery button
Oliver Pocher and Amira Aly Backstage, "Let's Dance"
Model Amira Aly and Comedian Oliver Pocher, 2019Hauter, Katrin / ActionPress

Model Amira Aly and Comedian Oliver Pocher, 2019
Oliver Pocher and Amira M. Aly in June 2019Action Press

Oliver Pocher and Amira M. Aly in June 2019

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