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Is Mats Hummels playing a special role in Borussia in Dortmund?


Borussia Dortmund descends to the next Transferkracher: Second place brings Mats Hummels back to Bayern Munich. But is the middle-back coach Lucien Favre tactical?

When Hummels was an undisputed strippenzieher BVB match. Until he decided to leave the club in 2016 and move to Munich's direct competitor. There it was mostly around him, until recently Hummels and his colleague Jerome Boateng were criticized. Both lost their place in the national team. Hummels had no desired title for the Champions League.

BVB is not always safe

The 30-year-old is back to his old job. In the second half of last season, Dortmund had some defensive problems. Manuel Akanj's defense was not always a barrier. Here Hummels could be the trump card where he understands the game. Although he is not one of the fastest focal points, he is usually right.

A series of 19 pictures

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Help with pressing

But even more, Dortmund would promise the bumblebee's playful skills. He is still one of the best in the game and Dortmund could help tremendously in this area. For a very long time, black and yellow players were always vulnerable when the opponent was aggressively pressured and pressured by both central defenders and midfielders.

There are also rumors about Dortmund's interest in another former player – Ilkay Gündogan. Gündogan, like Hummels, would have scored the counterattack of his opponents and prevented BVB from beating too often or even inviting an opponent to counterattack.

Does it fit with Favre?

Hummels can be as effective with his overview and permissive power and give nothing to the pressure attacks. Head coach Favre likes this. A 61-year-old Swiss considers it important that the team does not lose the ball and maintain control of the game. Hummels is an actor who guarantees it.

The fact that a returnee may also be a good defense organizer at the same time is an extra plus. Being as talented and peaceful as Akanji or Abdou Diallo are already working, they are currently in a better role, focusing on their own tasks and not having to guide a few other men. Hummels is here.

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