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Lilly Becker should have an RTL jumbo bid and a crazy sum in the room

From the point of view of RTL, impulsive Lilly Becker would be a desirable candidate – the transmitter apparently even pays a record price. Is Boris Becker going to the jungle camp?

Update 10 November, 12:13: Lilly Becker would be the wisher of the television channel of the RTL jungle camp, he says and refers to magazines "Closer". Not for the first time Boris Becker & # 39; s ex-offer to take part "I am a star – get me out of here". Does he now think he is alone?

The fee could be a great incentive: We are talking about record sums, $ 250,000 would stay in the room, an insider told "Closer". Is this enough to attract a 42-year-old jungle?

Again: Lilly Becker from above without the beach

Update on November 6, 10 September at: During his time in the Maldives, Lily Becker shares nearly 90,000 followers with photos and videos in Instagram. Lilly Becker has now captured this dreammusic profile with emphasis – more than a permissive image. Only a swimsuit and at the top without ex-Boris Becker can see a photo there.

Lilly Becker's wow picture.

© Instagram

Lilly Becker appears in a mega-tight bikini – and gets honest comments

Maldives – "Because I can," he commented Lilly Becker (42) a topless picture taken in the summer, shortly after the separation of her still husband – tennis legend Boris Becker (50) – published in Instagram. The fact that after four months nothing has changed, a beautiful Dutch woman is currently witnessing new photos of the Maldives. Lilly Becker on vacation there with a friend Natalie Lefevre Exclusive Hideaway Beach Resort (at least 450 euros / night) at Haa Alifu Atoll.

Video: Men with legs and fruit in mouth Lilly Becker

Against the turquoise-blue eyes of the Indian Ocean, Lilly Becker creates a very strung body as a sexy swimsuit with a tight black bikini with tanned skin, wet hair and thick neck. Anyone who has suspected that Lilly Becker has modelable features, Becker Ex and holiday trips will teach you better. Endless long legs, narrow waist, flat, solid belly. And shortly thereafter, with emotional disturbance and tiredness, with Wimbledon's Boris Becker Villa. Nevertheless, Lilly Becker clearly did not forget himself.

Video: Lilly Becker shows his buoys in the Maldives

"That's how I wanted to live after a divorce," the user commented on the picture with a striking smiley. He seems to care for Lilly Becker's luxury vacation. But Lilly Beckers a privileged lifeTheir style of public self-expression and their appearance also fuel envy. So you will find your comment in the column next to his photographs also infinitely many bad comments. "Cooling? This looks fairly positive until the doctor goes off," writes one.

But mostly women pull and eat over Lilly Becker. Tenor is almost always the same: "Go to work!"And her mother's role has been questioned many times by many Instagramer women.

Boris Becker's wife Lilly Becker, whose real name is Sharlely Kerssenberg. They were married for 13 years, of whom 9 years.

© Peter Schatz

Lilly Becker in Instagram: The fans were thinking of Boris Becker's ex

Have you wondered when Lilly still has time to tune in world history Son Amadeus (8) discoveries. "I'm just amazed at how emancipatut women in reshaping everyday life … no job, no role models for children and no future thoughts," commented one of the Maldives Lilly Becker selfies German successor. Others are offensive in criticism and ask Lilly explicitly, "What's your job, Lilly, in which industry are you active?"

Lilly Becker has repeatedly criticized the audience for his expensive lifestyle

© © screenshot of Instagram / lillybeckerofficial

Lilly Becker has always warmed and polarized the public's mind. With her marriage, her way of life, her appearance, her style and her humor. Only a few weeks ago, he caused an outrageous burqa video. This would be just a joke.

Boris Becker celebrated after the separation of the Oktoberfest

And Boris? He seems to be happy with his life after 13 years with Lilly-Years and at the party with a new (yet) unknown beauty in the last Oktoberfest at the Marstall tent. In the face of Lilly's visual interest, many of his male followers can not understand how a hero can get rid of this "grenade" – as well as saying: "Mermaids kiss better!"

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