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The police should really be the guard of the rule of law. That is not always the case – at least on TV – shows Rostock's "Polizeiruf 110" crew who wants to lean out of the window.

The murderer walks freely in Rostock. Thirty years ago, she raped and killed a young woman Janina. Even then the man was suspected, but was released in the process.

But now new evidence is born that can condemn him as a culprit. But exempted persons can be punished only in exceptional cases under the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Police Commissioner Alexander Bukow (Charly Hübner) and LKA's Katrin König (Anneke Kim Sarnau) and their investigation team have actually had to wait and see his little family idyll with his wife and children and they can not be answered. Of course, they will not do it: "We have to get justice here," explains König – conveniently this Sunday (20.15 clock) to launch the ARD "Justice" week.

It develops an exciting and unusual case at Rostock. Since most of the northeast is not so much of neo-Nazi or their environment, not as usual, the Hanseatic City is painted in gray color. No, the city lives and is colorful. Many are scolding Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania that Rostock is unlikely to be present in Polizeiruf 110 – mostly filmed in Hamburg – and then grayscale, Eoin Moore and Anika Wangard came to the writers.

So they would have succeeded in almost a really good thriller, which becomes a necessary drama and the author's environment well-lit. Who builds tension and does not lose red yarn. Even though the story of "Ms. King" and "Mr. Bukow" of infinite love anger is still being twisted, which even breaks in their 18th place and continues to "keep you."

The fact that the "crime scene" or "police call 110" commissioners do not take matters so seriously to constitutional methods is the powerful contrast of the actual police work and the need to provide an over saturated audience with an interesting material week after a week. The Rostock TV Commissioners have always been very far from violating laws.

This time is really coarse: try to attract a DNA sample against tricks and lies, get evidence in Mursa or tighten suspects with internal information. Also assaulted and samples are forged – police work at the beginning of Justice Week.

The film goes to areas where the rule of law shakes. Even in the police department. "The legal state is a shit. The guy gets to go freely and this passport law also protects him," says researcher Anton Pöschel (Andreas Guenther). "Congratulations, Germany!" Add Pöschel and quickly pass the suspect's address to the murdered desperate mother.

In such a legal opinion of Commissioners, it is not surprising that Bukov will close his ears when he learns plagiarism full of stock – after all, his father is there. The agreement with the criminals is also suitable for TV commissioners who do not have to worry about any laws. "It's so pathetic," King says.

He was almost raped in the previous episode and he was defending and knocking. He has now been convicted of a dangerous armed attack for nearly 10,000 euros. Bukow has to pay at the same time trying to prevent 8400 euros.


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