Tuesday , August 3 2021

Munich Main Station: Forecourt temporarily closed

On Wednesday night, the yard of Munich Central Station was closed. The police took the situation seriously.

Munich – The yard of Munich Central Station was closed on Wednesday night – in the middle of traffic congestion. Cause: The pedestrian had noticed there at 17.45 a suspect item. Lonely and lonely was the backpack in the middle of the trams. Red Alert!

"The whole thing is taken seriously," the police said on Wednesday. The area was expanded extensively, experts were called to handle luggage – and then issued a 19:35 clock clearly: the backpack was harmless and was handled after use as a "lost property" as police later wrote in Twitter on Twitter.

Munich: closure of main station – motorists needed good nerves

The use of traffic in Munich was more serious. Especially motorists had to bring good nerves. Blocking the "Bahnhofsplatz" on the street caused a traffic jam around the main station.

Munich: closing the main station even on the tram did not have anything

In addition to the train station near the train stations gates outside the train station was no longer – the traffic was stopped, several trams were close to the tracks.

According to MVG, the first effects were on lines 12, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21 and 22. At 19.15 MVG announced that the barriers in line 12 had ended. At 19.45, the suspension was then extended to other lines.

According to our suppliers' reports, rail transport has not been altered.

Distances at Munich Main Station: Last week only a great introduction

Even last week, it had come to large-scale work on Wednesday. Both the central station and the Ostbahnhof were temporarily closed.

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