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"My Room" Ulrich Köhler: Robinson in East-Westfalia

The last thing Armin sees inhabited by the world is Weser's night passing by a party ship with colored and ecstatic dancing people. After that, the film director in Berlin is a film, rather a glitch, and nothing is more: the semi-cast cars are in open engines at service stations, unmanned cars are pushed into the streets, the party's ship drives unmanned on the river.

Two shots, "My House", disappear people, a statement that is not explained in the film, and that makes it a genre piece: first a dystopian science-fiction movie where a man crashes through the post-apocalyptic world; then Robinsonade, where the same man creates a new world of civilization.

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"In my own room":
Tell me where people are

First, we met Armin, who is not a very pleasant city cave resident. If he comes to the world as a cameraman, he confuses him on and off and provides pictures of interviews with politicians, of which important things, statements are missing. In a student apartment that has survived in adult life, she fails to try to seduce a lot of younger women. His Westphalia's birthplace about youth is questioning her grandmother's death.

New movements, new muscles

Ulrich Köhler's new movie is called "In My Room", such as "Bungalow" (2002) and "Montag die Fenster" (2006), he tells of unmistakable heroes trying to get up and get into a difficult housing situation, Lending: Everyone who is buried in his room thinks he can stop all fears and worries, he says. When Armin finally comes to the world, almost everything worries and worries him seems to be lost.

As long as Ulrich Köhler outlines Armin's life in the first third of a movie, he accidentally fights a particular impression. Few images are enough to sort out the "My Room" World: East Westphalia suddenly deserted, dogs with no master barking, horses left behind in car trailers, Armin takes the fastest orphaned car he can find and drive through the town to unimproved villages.

"My own room"
Germany 2018

Book and Director: Ulrich Köhler
starring: Hans Löw, Elena Radonicich, Michael Wittenborn, Ruth Bickelhaupt
production: Pandora Film Production, Echo Film, Participants Film et al.
rental: Hire of Pandora movies

Rated: 12 years
length: 120 minutes
start: 8 November 2018

Once again, the film is torn apart, as did Köhler cameraman Patrick Orth, confused by switching and disengaging the buttons. Suddenly, it's summer, All the district's front yards have already grown with weeds, wild boars pass over the motorway, the offerings at the mall are still the same. Armin now has Parra, a sinewy, half-dressed natural human body that leads us safely into his new room: the animal hut that is collected from the surrounding house at the Schöner-living facility, even sewn on the Verandasessel lid.

Hans Löw does not play Robinson as a special effect, but as a real implementation: New movements create new muscles. The camera closely follows this body, cares about its new relationship with the world, what it does with its freedom.

Like Vlotho

"My Room" is a rainbow in German films. The wild volumes of the Genre formulas are influenced by the recent free airflow with current movie reviews of the nation's situation, and at the same time it is very special how Köhler describes his post-apocalyptic speculation: Robinson's desolate paradise is still on the edge of Ostwestfalen-Lippe, his new life style looks like a family at home in Vlotho recipe book, and no one is surprised if he or she borrows from the orphan video shop only Ben Affleck's movies.

And yet – or maybe because of it – the movie pulls you under your feet.

In the video: trailer "In My Room

In a third third, suddenly, one can see Arma from another point of view. Robinson is not alone. Friday is a woman and she does not live in her world. But the one who works in "My Room" has no special effect, but an unreal joke of what people are reflecting on freedom.

Sometimes this is just a bag of rubbery strain from an unguarded petrol station. Or a song from Pet Shop Boys.

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