Saturday , May 8 2021

New heroine Ashe is now playing with PTR

BlizzCon 2018 was officially introduced by Overwatch's new heroine. Ashe is now playable with Overwatch PTR.

Ashe, West Ganov: Ashe was introduced to the new Cinematic "Old Friend" BlizzCon. It is also playable on PTR on Monday, November 5th. 9.20.

Ashe is an old well-known hero from McCrea and the leader of the famous Deadlock Gang. Who is Just Ashe and what he can learn from our article.

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Ashe PTR – skins and patch notes

New hero and UI version: Together, Ashe also appeared as a new patch Overwatch PTR. This brought with the new heroine Ashe's only change in the interface. Hero Unlisted Gallery "Unlock All" is disabled.

Overwatch new hero Ashe 2 title

Ashen skins: Ashe also gets skins that are donated directly. At present he has four rare, two eepos and two legendary leather. This way they look:

As usual, rare skins are just other colors of Ashe's usual behavior.

Ashe epic skins have a bit more detail. The logo behind the Bob and the Ashe's Viper are changing.

Legendary skins Gangster and Mafia make Ashe a real mafia woman with pants.

Jungle and Safari make Ashe an adventurer in a ranks and a jungle gun.

When does Ashe arrive on a live server? Experience has shown that such tests take several weeks. The last BlizzCon hero, Moira, was able to play 10 days after its PTR release.

Ashe could come in about two weeks on a live server. We will assume on Tuesday 13 or 20 November on the day of release.

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After Ash there will be another 6 heroes that are already in the process. We already know one of them.

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