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Sarah Lombardi and Florian Silbereisen are getting older: baby feeling this year


Florian Silbereisen and Sarah Lombardi could surprise the fans with "Baby News".

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Baby feeling with Florian Silbereisen and Sarah Lombard? Now it turns out that in December the "bomb" could explode.

Cologne – It was a sensational news par Excellence: Florian Silbereisen is a new captain on ZDF's dream board. Sarah Lombardi is one of them! Now, apparently, the next hammer is coming, as now became known! Some two fans may have a dream or a nightmare.

According to the "Das Neue Blatt" magazine, the singer does not play a Floris friend in a dream ship section, but two of them are expecting their children together. This should be at least in the script. But even in real life, musicians seem to be doing well.

Florian lured him to be a "great woman," and Sarah is also very excited about Silbereisen's actors: "He's doing his job just fine. The captain's united is really good for him. You know it completely so he's number 1 on this huge ship, he told picture in an interview.

Florian Silbereisen and Sarah Lombardi were criticized

At the beginning, however, there were also many critical voices that spoke against Florian Silbereisen as the captain of the dream ship. Some celebrity colleagues felt a lively, always happy "silent" silent role of Florian Silbere, such as the captain's role.

Lombard was also attacked on the net when he became aware that he would play a role in the ZDF steamer: "With all love. There are moments in ZDF to pay € 17.50 as compensation. # Broadcasting #dreamship #Lombardi" was just one of the most destructive comments on Twitter. However, both musicians do not let them down – they really want to convince their viewers of their skills.

Florian Silbereisen and Sarah Lombardi will come to TV later this year

ZDF has not yet confirmed that Florian Silbereisen and Sarah Lombardi will be paired with the dream ship, but the consequences of these two will be played during Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020 – where the dream ship will go to Colombia and the Caribbean.

Even Barbara Schöneberger is already speculating what happens between the two dream boards. However, Florian recently revealed his feelings to a celebrity: "At first we were colleagues …", he started his word.

Video: Sarah Lombardi with the baby

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